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  Posted: Jun 21, 2012 2:26 PM FEED
2 Valencia
couldn't believe how calm this baby was with the mask on her.

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These two are something else. Finally got to meet @lesekau. Wishing y'all nada but the best 🙌🏼 @djtonydrake + @lesekau + #OscarTheIslandPup = ❤️
Funny who you run into when you're out of town! Clint, TX in Baltimore, MD.
El Paso here. Ft. Lauderdale here. Waiting on some more El Paso and some New Jersey. #BaltimoreWedding #Reunion
The only shit I use on the grill. Special Shit. From the folks who brought you Bull Shit & Aw Shit. That's #Texas, baby. #BigCockRanch #DisparityRanch #SpecialShit #Grilling #BigBendSmokers #Indians #JINS
Repost from @djtonydrake @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost 2 days left for the Kickstarter. Less than 10K to go! Let's get it guys! We can do this!!! We're right there!! Please share the link with all your friends and family. The more people that see the link, the better chance we have of getting to $50K. We're about to do something special!

I'm in grind mode, so today I'll be at the Annapolis Comic Con. We got a sale going for all prints so make sure you roll through!
$40k has been raised. Two more days left to hit $50k. Please help a homeboy out! $1, $5, $10...whatever you can! Link in bio. #TheIndies @djtonydrake @bluegeekmusic @braeonart
@khleothomas from the movies Holes and Roll Bounce caught wind of my buddy @djtonydrake's Kickstarter and is all about it. Even pledged to donate $100 for the every 10th backer of the project who sends him a confirmation. Four days left for Anthony and #TheIndies. I hope this sends him over the edge. If y'all can donate $5 that'd be what's up! You da man @khleothomas! 🙌🏼
@osaple915 + @elpasoapparel collaboration right here! I think I'm gonna drink coffee on the daily now 🔥☕️🙌🏼 Now available for purchase at #Osaple #IStarEp #ElPasoApparel #Coffee #BuenosDias
All day. Video courtesy of Roberto Velasco #Weather