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  Posted: Jun 20, 2012 11:56 PM FEED
3 Amaro

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Posted: Oct 6, 2017 10:17 PM
11 Lark
Found a matching pair of a planter and a cookie jar? I'm not sure what they're for, but that's how I'm planning to use them. Signed and dated '76.
Posted: Sep 8, 2017 11:07 PM
5 Ludwig
Thrifted a little studio weed pot and wooden cutting board. Smalls!
Posted: Aug 25, 2017 10:06 PM
9 Juno
Lounging with my little peanut.
Posted: Aug 20, 2017 2:14 AM
4 Lark
Recently thrifted this large woven basket, making it number six or so in my ever growing collection.
Posted: Aug 18, 2017 11:08 PM
3 Lark
Been looking for a utensil holder for the kitchen for far too long. Finally thrifted this studio ceramic piece that matches our crazy turquoise counters. Someday we'll replace them. Sigh.
Posted: Aug 7, 2017 12:20 AM
6 Lark
Little package of big trouble.
Posted: Aug 5, 2017 11:47 PM
2 Clarendon
visiting the local fishing hole.
Posted: Aug 2, 2017 6:49 PM
3 Normal
Spotted one of my weavings out in the wild (in a beautiful kitchen) via @newmadela with thanks to @amsterdammodernhp for carrying a selection of my weavings (including this guy) in their shop.
Posted: Aug 2, 2017 12:48 AM
4 Lark
Always inspired by this Romeo Reyna weaving when I'm in a funk (and man, I am in one hell of a funk). Also, there's one of Jeremy's plants.
Posted: Jul 30, 2017 12:49 AM
39 Lark
I just yelled at Jeremy, "there's too many goddamn plants in here." I stand by it. Someone convince him to stop buying plants. That's how our day is going.
Posted: Jul 27, 2017 11:39 PM
4 Lark
Woot woot! I have four vintage Verner Panton style S-Chairs available for sale. Heavy duty and great for indoor or outdoor use. Please DM for pricing and details.
Posted: Jul 25, 2017 4:09 PM
3 Lark
Shop update! This large weaving just came off the loom and is currently relaxing in the CAMP SHOP (link in bio / Made with vintage thrifted wool and cotton, as well as love, this piece is 18"x24" and ready to be shipped. Plus domestic shipping is always free!
Posted: Jul 21, 2017 11:18 PM
3 Lark
Found a basket at the thrift store that will now hold my remotes. Victory.
Posted: Jul 19, 2017 9:46 PM
2 Lark
Freshly woven Rose Quartz wall hanging just listed in the CAMP shop (link in bio / Small in scale and sweet enough for a nursery.
Posted: Jul 14, 2017 6:01 PM
10 Gingham
The den and the goddamn wainscoting. Get a rug, dammit.
Posted: Jul 13, 2017 5:58 PM
6 Lark
This large minimal weaving from a few posts back is finished and listed in the CAMP shop. (Link in bio / It's the first weaving I've made after finding out my favorite cotton fiber was discontinued. So I experimented with some wool as a replacement...but it's just not the same. I'm inconsolable, yet still on the hunt for a similarly thick cotton perfect for fringe and chunky texture. Material woes.
Posted: Jul 11, 2017 8:07 PM
4 Gingham
We've been touching up paint around the interior of the house and the area around the hang-it-all was looking especially tore up after eight years of use. Now it's so fresh and so clean!