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Well how do you like them 🍎? 6-0 on a hope and a prayer. Good money on last win of the season, but it was a beauty.
Welp. Setting fire to my 6-0 run. Now to find a QB in a 13 team league. Maybe 5 wins will be enough to slip into the payoffs.
Office to myself. Hanging out with the boss.
My resting face and it’s not even been an hour yet.....
Tune in to John and Suzyn and they go down 0-2 in the 4th. This is not my fault.
When the last message in a email thread directly acknowledges the message before it and has no other purpose than to repeat the previous email.....
When I unlock the door and the lights haven’t come on yet.... why you do this? You have one job. Making me flip switches like I’m some kinda asshole.
Little spot of home now that my work life is run completely from a chair. #keukalake
After over 2 years with Apple Music, the best playlist is still - “Downloaded Music”->Songs->Shuffle

I will always know me better than math.

You missed the Jethro Tull half hour.... it was thick.... as a brick.
How is this the only tonic you have? 😶 I will regret this 88¢
Someone told me today that they know I’m a passive person

This just means this person has never done something stupid in front of me. Gonna be a tough day for them when that happens. 🎅🏻
9/10 times I use Tweetbot it freezes for no reason. How can I twat my twits if you freezing my twuts?
You mean hacked. 🙃 Looks like it’s back to Xbox one until this gets sorted.