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  Posted: Jun 20, 2012 10:08 PM FEED
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@irislazz amidst the rolling clouds of Hakuaba Japan. We escaped a dense layer of clouds that engulfed the resort and were rewarded with perfect snow and light!
As summers winding down we're all trying to get in our last minute adventures. Yesterday I was able to take a Rock Rescue course from @alpenglowexpeditions and @oldmantalbott . The skills we learned yesterday were very relevant for the lifestyle I live as well as many of my friends and people who view my insta page. If you want to spend your life in the mountains it's so important to be educated so things go smoothly when in high stress situations. If you live in the Tahoe Truckee area and live to be outside please take the Rock Rescue course that @alpenglowexpeditions offers. Grab 4 of your friends and sign up!! Living in Truckee we are surround by the most badass mountain people like @oldmantalbott who is willing to teach us the ways to be safe so we can get after it confidently in any scenario.
Mountain light in the sawtooth range! I can't wait until this is filled with powder!
I can't wait for those early season turns here in Tahoe!! Here's a few turns from a fun day last winter with @sethlightcap in the Tahoe backcountry. @jonessnowboards
All the cold weather is getting me ready for the winter!! Not much longer and we can get back to this!! Here's a few photos from Matterhorn in June. We were lucky to have about 8 inches of snow a few days before we went, perfect corn snow in the middle of June was awesome @nellysteinhoff !
Miles says just because it's Tuesday's doesn't mean you need to spend all day working!! He suggests getting outside for a much needed adventure!
Back in the day when all I did was snowboard!! I had begun shooting photos but was very much still learning, as I still am. @abeblair had a crazy idea for a photo that we hadn't seen before so we decided to head out to one of our favorite Tahoe zones and give it a go. With my interest in photography and snowboarding it was awesome to learn from @abeblair and create such a unique image. To date it's still one of the scariest but most rewarding things I've done on my snowboard.
Thousand island lakes lit up by the Milky Way. I bet this place looks pretty amazing in the winter time!! #winteriscoming
I've really been enjoying all the adventures I've been able to get on to the Eastern Sierras this fall!! It's awesome to have healthy energy options like the @powerbar Plant based protein bars to keep me fueled!! Thanks @powerbar for making these bars taste so good and for helping me make to the top!! Here's a shot on my way to the summit of Mt. Conness!!
Off route on snake dike! Somehow I made it off route and found my self on "Eye in the Sky 10b-R" a route that is far harder than what we set out to do. I started leading and quickly realized I wasn't climbing a 5.6 route but something way more challenging. It happened to be the crux of the route so decided to retreat back to the anchors which was an incredible heady down climb, the 600 feet of exposure below me made the down climb mental!! There was lots of yelling and screaming from myself to get back to the anchors. We were able to get some help from another party and get back in route, here I am traversing back to snake dike which you can see clearly looks more fun!! @nellysteinhoff @tailergray
My first time to the top of Half Dome didn't disappoint!! After looking at Snake Dike for the past few years from the porcelain wall it was awesome to finally climb it!! Here's a shot of myself belaying @nellysteinhoff past the crux to the top of the third pitch. The 75-100 foot runouts felt wild with all the exposure below even tho the climbing is supposed to be mellow. We ended the day walking off the cables in the dark to add to our full value day!! What an awesome day @nellysteinhoff @tailergray !!
So amazing to wake up to this!! First real snow in the Eastern Sierra this fall!
Lots of Miles for Miles this week!! A 15 mile day yesterday for him and he was so stoked!! @nellysteinhoff
There's not to many cooler things than checking out ice caves in the summer!! @nellysteinhoff walking through the ice on our adventure to Mount Conness! It's incredible to see how much snow is still left in the sierras.
There are lots of sweet peaks to explore in the sierras! It's awesome to get some more adventures in before it snows!
Too many lines to choose from!! Which one would you ride??
The perfect snack for the way up! I don't know what I would do without @powerbar helping me make it to the top!
Such an awesome time cruising around checking out Lake Tahoe from 15,000ft in a glider yesterday!
I'm looking forward to getting in a few more days of camping In the high country before it's winter!! Who's ready for a few more adventures!