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Four Seasons Bangladesh.

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One of the most special photos I have. Moments after I won the first Slam City. That's MT, myself , and Danny. Mike was as happy as someone could be. He had said some amazing things on the plane home that night that Danny has shared with me. He passed the next morning. One of the most special people to be involved in our sport. RIP.
If anything personal happens in life, wonderful, beautiful, sad, or heartbreaking. IG is not where the people in my life will not find out about it here. I sometimes forget how much some people read into things. I am going to do my best to share with the followers I do have and that I am humbled to have to just show them positive moments, amazing things I might have an opportunity to see, or mainly things I hope will make people smile. But anything deeper then that will be told to the people I care about one on one. Sometimes I forget how much weight people put on this. I hope people understand that and appreciate that what I put up or take down is not what IG is about for me. I'm going to try to share more or what I find entertaining but almost nothing I put up would ever be to covey any kind of major things going on at the moment. I usually just come across a photo that makes me smile and if it could do the same for one other person or 1000 then that makes me happy. But If I look like I'm trying show out, call me out. But thank you to anyone that takes the time to check out any post but please don't put any weight on these clips. Blessed. Oh and this is someone that means the world to me. She makes me feel like the luckiest man on earth and is the realist, most thoughtful, person I have ever know. But that's the only thing I would share with IG about her. Maybe also that I hope everyone gets a chance to feel what it's like to love and feel so loved at one point. It puts material things into perspective. Blessed. I will always ❤️👩🏻U 👻
No matter how much or how little work it takes, nothing compares to the feeling you get. Thank you skateboarding.
That's the roof of the Vancouver convention centre. This photo can't even do justice to the beauty of Vancouver.
The word legend just doesn't do this man justice. @doubleddunc