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We out here reaching milestones !!! Crawling ✅

Walking ✅
Running .... coming soon!
This weekend was purely magical ... thank you to everyone that was apart of it ... it's appreciated more than y'all know! #BellaIsOne #Blessed #YearOne
And just like that 1 year has come & gone ! Its been an amazing up and down journey. But I wouldn't change anything! #BabyBellaIsOne #BellaBrown
Happy Mother Day to hands down the greatest mother on the planet. No words can describe or post can do you justices of just how important you are to me & Bella. You've sacrificed for her more than she knows & actually even more than I will ever know. Being a parent is hard. But being a mother that's in a league of its own. Being a mother takes godly levels of strength, patience & generosity, which you have done with out missing a steps. Being a mother by far isn't the easiest thing but you sure do it with a beautiful smile on your face & so much grace. I witnessed the purest form of love, when I seen you first look at Bella in her eyes & that love has done nothing but grow strong over this last year. So I just wanna say I appreciate everything you've done, and everything you do for us! I love you !
1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10! Guess who's 10months today? Can't believe it's been that long already. 2 more months to go and we are gonna be 1yr old! #BellaBrown #10months #PerfectKidz
A wise man told me ... sign up for something you think you can't do & see if you can anyway! Sunday I'm running a 10k (6.2 miles) I've ran 5Ks before but this is my 1st 10k! #ABSouluteFit #1st10K #iGotMyOutfitPickedOutAlready #iMayNotFinishButImABeFlyDoingIt #PrayForMyFeet