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gmateus 278w ago
Memórias costuradas na manta de retalhos que é a nossa vida. Memories from great days.

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Paraty, the small charming and colorful colonial town, with cobbled streets, between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo
Beautiful and colorful, "Ethnicities", the world's largest street mural painted by a single person, according to the Guiness Book of Records .

@kobrastreetart painted a 3000 square meter mural 190m long and 15.5m in height for the 2016 Olympics, with five indigenous faces from 5 continents, representing the 5 Olympic Rings.

You can still see it at Porto Maravilha in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. It is worth the visit!
"When I die I’ll come back, to fetch the moments I didn’t live by the sea"
(One of my favorite quotes, from Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen)
Shhhhhh Don't tell anyone, but this is a secret beach...
Besides restaurants, bars and churches, the beautiful old pastel houses is what makes people wander around old Nice.
The world is so big and we are so small
"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone"
#tb to my beautiful Nice
Helio Oiticica in @inhotim (the arts paradise)
As I told you in the last photo, this botanical garden/art museum it's a hidden gem near Belo Horizonte (Brazil)
Inhotim it's a contemporary art museum and an amazing 5000 acre botanical garden as well.

It's a magical place located near Belo Horizonte (Brazil). No photos can describe how amazing it is, you need to go there to witness it with your eyes.
"Magic could happen for real in Rio"
The boys from Ipanema
Altinha is a sport invented on the sands of Rio de Janeiro. The aim of the game is to prevent the ball from touching the ground.
Minha alma canta...
Back to one of my happy places.
(More on stories if you want to know where it is)
Óbidos, a small beautiful medieval walled village. *
Be sure not to miss it, when you come to Portugal.
As a bonus you also get: a literary hotel an old church that was turned into a bookshop (up the hill on the left) and if you come in October, a literature festival.
Remembering a day well spent with @sezgiolgac, @soniasapinho and @bedrocktours that took us there.
These yellow buildings from old Nice match perfectly with the blue sea.
(Check my last photo if you want to know how blue and beautiful the sea from Nice is)
Colors from Provence 💛
Don't you think there should be a Provence filter in Instagram?
gmateus 10w ago
Everything fits perfectly well in Nice!
Have you ever been there? What did you love most?
gmateus 10w ago
Because Nice it's all about blue skies and yellow buildings (I think that's why I love it 💛)