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  • Nawww sooo cute

  • Lol is that a Stuffie or a dog wtf

  • s.mash90 277w ago

    Haha thats kita my fat chihuahua <3

  • Aww is this her new big girl bed?? She soo adorable <3 Does she use he soother/pacifier still? ?

  • s.mash90 277w ago

    @venancia2010 yep thats her new big girl bed! She absolutley loves it! and nope no more suckys or bottles =D sooooo happy lol what about lawrence¿¡

  • Yah Lawrence still has his sucky :( but not a bottle for about a year now. He's been in his own bed since Christmas time... He has a stuffy too so. It's even more harder cuz he has two things he's attached to :S

  • s.mash90 277w ago

    @venancia2010 yeah it's nice to have them attached to something sometimes but the sucky I just couldn't handle anymore lol she messed with my head with it lol so I said no more cut the nipple off n gave it to her said it was broken =P she's got monkeys now but all of them will do lol

  • Awesome, well thats good for u! lol I hate the sucky!! He drives me craZii with that thing :p maybe I should try cutting off the nipple part??? Hmm well I'm kinda trying to potty train this lil guy and I don't know if I should do both at the same time... Boo! Lol now I have to choose haha

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