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M: I know what that says! It says “Watch out for this sign.”
calling occupants of interplanetary, anti-adversary craft
Carter, M. "Rain Rain Go Away".
First Violin Recital, June 4 2017.
Even the fictional presidents are so done with this shitshow. #getoffmyplane
three-cherry pie in progress 😘👌
hello daddy, hello mom
i'm your
ch ch ch ch cherry bomb 🍒🍒🍒
Home sick, but recovering.
He requested "the next Star Wars" (#theempirestrikesback)

Here's the moment of the big reveal. (Still processing.)
When you buy a plant at the @tjmonticello nursery, your receipt comes with planting information PLUS Jeffersonian commentary. #LoveThisJob
Haven't taken a full breath all day. Needed this. Maybe you do too.

In which M is a good host to our visiting cat-cousin. Much love, @liney13!
look, in hindsight i freely admit that mistakes were made
Peeking in after bedtime. Lights on, storybook & headphones ☺️❤️