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And that's exactly what we did! :) Awesome evening with an awesome human being! Thanks for letting me try to chase you through the trails! At least you know it's me behind you from yelling an obscenity and laughing! 🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼🍂🌈🚵🏼‍♀️🚵🏼 oooh! And the Chinese food!! Thank you!! 🍚🍣🍶✨💅🏼
Can we just take a second to appreciate my friend @3mmal3igh ?!
First of all, her Italian Nenni laugh gives me the feels. Secondly, the Italian West Virginian is an amazing cook. Also, we really bonded inner tubing at a bachelorette party and late night eating all the booze infused gummy bears. If you don't know her, I'm sorry. You should, I'll introduce you! ☺️🤗😋💅🏼🌟🥂✨👯 PS. She also made homemade super soft doughnuts and brought them to my home! WHILE SHE HERSELF HAS A BROKEN ARM! YOU GUYS!!
I just referenced Billy Crystal the other day in conversation. I think he really hits a nail here. I do appreciate the slight comedic relief but the issue at hand is a very nasty and serious one. I think mental health goes quite a ways with this issue. On the comedic side, more billy crystal please! 🙏🏼
Finger nail polish'n for 2 please! One with chipmunk cheeks and one with a broken arm! It's the most I've left the house and it was awesome! Too much awesome. Somehow we still haven't figured out how I caught myself on fire while I was cooking. Cool as a cucumber, thanks to Percocet. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣💅🏼 but really kids we had a Fire Marshall Bill moment in the kitchen yesterday. #itwaslit 🍁🔥🥔🥂🍪🔥🍂🎉💕
"party time." 🎉 Who the hell wrapped me up in this maxipad lookalike?! #justincaseyouwonderingwhatiwasupto If you really must know, I'm on the sofa with the kitties watching my fave, Alec Baldwin in The Hunt for Red October. ⚓️🎇🆘🌌⚓️ #percocetperks
Mini staycation pre wisdom teeth! Hiking around the urban wilderness, my first time going mountain biking! Obviously margaritas were had post ride! 🚴🏼‍♀️🍹Then zipped off to Dollywood and rode all the best rides at night. THE DIFFERENCE IS NIGHT AND DAY! Literally... the pumpkins were beautiful and I got to spend a few days at home with one of my favorites! On the plus side, I'm a little doped up but if anyone is around and wants to get together, I'm home for about 8 days! Also, shoutout to @mr.greggers for taking such good care of me and eating meat on a stick and funnel cakes with me last night to really live it up before I hurt and look like a chipmunk. Although, it was later decided mid rollercoaster that #funnelcakeswereabadchoice #butwedidntdie So if you want to come and watch a movie with me or hang on the sofa, super exciting right? 🙄 hit me up! Let's polish our nails! 🙋🏼💅🏼🍁 maybe have a glass of wine or two! 🥂
When I told my dad my medical leave of absence was granted for me to get my wisdom teeth taken out. My dads response was so far out there and just so him. And I loved it. #dadtexts #daveyoureoutofyourelement #butgoddamnitiloveyou
Wisdom tooth extraction feels. 👻🍦⚒ listening to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers "Islands in the stream" on repeat. Because why the hell not. ✨
I don't want to point any fingers, but it appears somebody has a case of the Monday's... ☺️👆🏼🙀
Favorite passenger of the day goes to Chloe. I mean, come on... real recognize real, am I right? 🌸💕🌺😂
Quick little 2 mile loop to clear my mind and sweat out anxious vibes. So many good things are about to start and I'm excited and scared. All the feels. A steep uphill sweaty walk with Madonna was just what I needed!! (So much freaking steeper on the way back around) 💦 jaysus Anyway, now I'm smiling and feeling like myself again! Now it's time for a beer and a super fun show at p light! #yeow #backtolivingmybestlife 🌈🌸✨🦋
A lesson in patience. Fly fishing isn't easy, in fact it takes A LOT of practice and skill. Greg told me every little move you do has to be intentional. Then I asked myself is this even for me? Well, I decided to try it. Got his line snarled and to me what looked like couldn't be untangled. Greg untangled it. I Caught myself, typical. Had about 2,653 (exactly, I kept track 😋) terrible casts. You know what was annoying and really cool at the same time? The person behind me who kept encouraging me! Every time I was ready to pack it in he told me to cast 10 more times, back to back to back. He didn't catch anything today because he spent his time showing me all the ropes and explaining why this attaches to this and how it works, etc. Thanks @mr.greggers for your patience and knowledge and a pretty stellar start to the morning! Even though we didn't catch a single fish it's cool to know you have my back!? 😋 🌈🦋🐟🐝🐞🌸🌺☀️ Got some pretty neat photos though! Oh, I should mention. No filters.🌈
Is this too much? Asking for a friend... 😂🤷🏼‍♀️#mallrats
My favorite place with one of my favorite peoples. 🦋🎡🎢🎠🦋