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I love going to weddings with this beautiful girl 😊
Had such an amazing time at Disneyland with Sarah!! Thanks for the surprise trip, love ya ❤️ #disneyland
Guys! My brother got married yesterday!! Congratulations to Josh and Chelsea Humphrey!!
Happy 18th birthday to my beautiful sister! I can't believe that you are 18 now!
10 years ago I went to China with my family to pick up the most amazing sister that I could've asked for!! Happy Gotcha Day Sofie!! I'm soooooo glad that you're my sister. Love you sis! #coolestsisterever
It's crazy to think that it has been a year since we had to put Gimli (the dog) down. I miss having a dog! #bestdogever
Like father like son right? We unintentionally matched today.
15 years ago I remember my mom turning on the tv and seeing this plane crash into the second tower. I was hoping that we were watching a movie and it was fake, but my mom told me that America was under attack and I realized that I wasn't watching a movie. For the rest of the day we just watched this horrible event unfold. I will never forget this day and where I was that day. Thank you to all the brave men and women that risked their lives to help and protect everyone that day. 🇺🇸
Happy Birthday to @bretthumphrey and @humphreyjosh!!! One of them is 50 and the others is 20 today. Love you guys!