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  Posted: Jun 19, 2012 4:33 PM FEED
7 X-Pro II
Beauty is everywhere in Florence...

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bagsnob 14h ago
I was not that little girl who dreamt of being saved by Prince Charming (though I did want to live in a castle 👸🏻). I was too busy climbing trees and scaling walls alongside my brothers, often climbing to heights higher than them (once fell off the roof of our house😂) to prove I can do everything the boys did but better. .

Luckily I had a grandmother who encouraged my ambitions and told me if I could see it, I could be it. I still live by these words today and am excited to help others do the same on @bumblebizz ! .

Can’t wait to celebrate tonight alongside the baddest lady bosses @whitwolfeherd @erinfoster @sarafoster @karliekloss @katehudson @droesepr and @priyankachopra ! #bumblebizz #nowwereinbusiness
Posted: Oct 18, 2017 2:51 PM
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13 years ago today, this little monkey came kicking and screaming into my life. 🐒Motherhood is everything I had ever hoped for and so much more. Many of you ask me how I do it all and the answer is simple- I am a Mother first. Prioritizing my son makes it easy to do everything else! Happy birthday to my ♥️. Always remember that mama loves you most. 🎂
Best day hosting a very special birthday luncheon for our love @olyasinitsyna with the best girls!
Party idea: we used framed photos of each guest with the birthday girl as the placecards/favors! #olyaybirthday 💙 (@kellygores @jamieobanion @turtlecreeklane )
Gorgeous morning co-hosting @bumblebff brunch with @whitwolfeherd in honor of @drbarbarasturm! Huge thank you to all our chic Dallas BFFs who joined us! .
Ps- If anyone wants her world famous blood cream (yes made from your own blood- contact @joannaczechofficial !)
Feeling extra in @ph5official and @reveeyewear (But in reality feeling tired AF on a 15 hour flight home to watch my boy play 🏈!) #MomDutiesFirst
When @cocolee whisks you off to paradise after a most stressful month of travel and work, it feels like summer all over again 💙
Jetlagged and confused in Hong Kong - but how can I not celebrate #NationalHandbagDay with my friends @purseblog ?! #BetterLateThanNever
Incredible day in Hong Kong as the featured speaker at Facebook and Instagram Presents: Icons + Images! Thank you, @mfj20th @morin @jsquires and the entire Facebook team!
Also to the Hong Kong friends who attended the luxury summit @reveeyewear 🇭🇰
Landed in Hong Kong safely and straight to rehearsals with @mfj20th (follow him please lol) for tomorrow’s luxury summit with @instagram and @Facebook!
Notice the photo of me circa 2005 from early blogging days with a VAIO 😂 .
📸 by @morin .

More in my stories! #IconsAndImages

Please watch via livestream tonight in the US tomorrow in Asia on the #bagsnob (link in bio), #facebookforbusiness and #instagramforbusiness pages! .

New York: Oct 9th 10:30pm
Dallas: Oct 9th 9:30pm
LA: Oct 9th 7:30pm
Paris: Oct 10th 4:30am
Hong Kong: Oct 10th 10:30am
Posted: Oct 8, 2017 2:39 PM
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I’ll never get used to leaving my baby (who’s 12 now)😢. He sent me off to Hong Kong with his favorite Go Go blankie he’s had since birth to keep me safe 😭 (also bit off poor Go Go’s nose when he was teething😂).

He understood how important this trip with @Facebook and @instagram is to me and didn’t give me a hard time for leaving (tho he hates fashion week because it keeps me away for so long!). However, I will be home in time for the next football game! #Priorities #WorkingMama .

Ps- scroll to see how I packed for this very short trip 🤣
It’s not easy being a @monsemaison supermodel but mama does her best not to make the other models jealous 😂 (scroll to see how to look tall) .

Loved seeing @tokibunbun @fernandogarciam1205 at @fortyfiveten today!
Posted: Oct 5, 2017 2:28 PM
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So excited to be heading to Hong Kong with @instagram and @facebook to speak at the ultimate Luxury Summit: #Instagram Presents: Icons and Images! .
Please Save the date below and watch via livestream on the #bagsnob, #facebookforbusiness and #instagramforbusiness pages! .

New York: Oct 9th 10:30pm
Dallas: Oct 9th 9:30pm
LA: Oct 9th 7:30pm
Paris: Oct 10th 4:30am
Hong Kong: Oct 10th 10:30am
When you find the perfect trendy nude pointy bootie (in your closet, not in stores) from 15 years ago. 😂 (Swipe for more and links to purchase in stories)

Boots: @jimmychoo
Bag: @carlalopezstudio
Earrings: @anitakojewelry
Posted: Oct 3, 2017 1:36 PM
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I waited to speak to my son last night before posting this... as I worried he would be frightened, distraught and confused if he saw it on my feed. Instead, my brave boy comforted me and said “I feel terrible for their families. I’ll pray for them.” 💔
Are mass shootings the new normal for our children?! 59 dead. 527 injured.
Blood banks are full and donors being turned away. But we still have more work to do! Start by donating to the victims’ fund via link in my profile. .

How could a man check into a hotel with his girlfriend’s ID plus TEN suitcases filled with 23 firearms go undetected for three days?! It’s all so senseless and horrific. I want to do more than send love and prayers... this is our children’s America...
I’m thrilled to be on @BumbleBizz as a Thought Leader! I’ve had incredible mentors throughout my career and I can’t wait to pay it forward and mentor someone who wants to get in to the digital fashion industry.
Congrats, @whitwolfeherd, I wish I had this when I was younger! #WomenSupportingWomen #BossLadies #NowWereInBusiness
Have to admit I really enjoyed watching the Paris shows from the comfort of my @stregisnewyork suite the last few days! No blisters on my feet, no back aches, headaches nor jet lag. I even watched a show while pampering in a luxurious floral parfum bath my butler prepared. Now that’s how you #LiveExquisite !!! #partner
Flew home instead of Paris to spend time with my baby boy as my travel schedule is so insane this season. I am headed to Hong Kong with @instagram and @Facebook next weekend to be the featured speaker at Instagram Presents: Icons and Images! Stay tuned for livestream details! 🎉
#MomFirst . (Hair color by the genius @sharondorram @virtuelabs!)
Always match your Oscar to your @stregisnewyork suite😍
But honestly, who wore it better? The carpet, the wallpaper, or me?! #NotYourAverageWallflower .
#LiveExquisite #partner
Pre-ballet gala prep with @reneerouleau: she heated my skin to dilate the blood vessels to bring fresh oxygen and fresh blood cells. Then FROZE my skin with ice infusion cubes to create a vacuum effect to pull the products deep into the skin and the result was I N S A N E . @reneerouleauskincare .
(My face felt burnt and then frost bitten but totally worth it- skin is like an 18 year old 😂)