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"Reflection Room" by Flynn Talbot, one of the highlights in the London Design Festival.
Didn't expect a temple for all religions here in Pattaya.
Mural painting from St Climent de Taull. The Museum has an extraordinary collection of Roman and Gothic Art. It's amazing to learn how the Museum bought the frescoes from some of the churches in the early 20th century, removed them from their original site, and transferred them to Barcelona.
The Alhambra Is definitely one of the most visited monument in Spain. The Palacio de Comares is also one of the most photographed space. This used to be where the royal family lived.
Beautiful design above the courtyard at Parador de Granada, which was part of a palace and mosque in the 14th century, and later converted into a Franciscan convent.
Islamic and Christian architectural styles in harmony with each other.
The original mosque of Abd Al-Rahman I at the amazing Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. The design of this particular space followed examples in Damascus and Jerusalem.
Inside the largest Gothic cathedral in the world lies the tomb of Christopher Columbus.
One of the highlights at the Museum of Santa Cruz in Toledo -- "St Veronica with the Holy Shroud", a religious painting by El Greco in 1580.
The Main Chapel at the heart of the Cathedral, gleaming with gold leaf. Measuring 25m high, this monument to the Eucharist took 7 years to complete.
If you're in Barcelona, this is a place to enjoy good food, as the name of the restaurant goes. A Michelin-star restaurant ran by chefs who were trained at elBulli.
Gaudi's dynamic design that embodies the essence of the Med and the mountains in Catalonia.
You can smell the fruity aroma the moment you stepped into the cellar. 😃
Located inside Casa Mila, one of the numerous architectural gems designed by Gaudi, this cafe-bar used to be the dining rooms of Pension Hispano-Americana over a hundred years ago.

The ceiling here is just beautiful.
Barcelona is not just about Gaudi. There's also Montaner. This musical hall is truly a Box of Light.
"Happiness". A lotus inspired sculpture that greets all visitors at the entrance of MOCA Bangkok.
First meal in Bangkok -- go rustic and funky.

Great cocktails and food here, designed by Chefs Bo and Dylan at "Bo.lan". I'm enjoying a great GMtini with spicy popcorn and lime, together with some yummy skewers. 😋😋😋