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Early morning painting part 1

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If I can sum up this whole trip of a lifetime and summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro with my dad and friend in 1 word, it'd have to be Gratitude. Grateful for everyone and everything in my life. Also... flying the #Texas flag over the African continent was as good as it gets 😎👊🏻
Trying not to be THAT American who has a GoPro in everyone's face. Amazing how nice and happy everyyyyyyyone is here.
So I watched the movie #chef for the 1000'th time which ended the night with me making homemade Cuban bread and pressed cubano's!
By far one of the best weekends I've ever had! Thank you again to everyone who came out to the art showing! Also, A very very very big congrats to my best friend @metta_world_neece on his son on the way! I can't wait to meet and spoil him rotten😎#maddoxtaylorneece
NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT! Hope to see all of you at 2017's only public showing of my last years work @michaelshelliscreations with music by @djsober designed by @johnwrightmartin and bites by GRAZE
Thanks @simonshellis for helping make my backyard my new favorite spot in the house. Got some big shoes to fill with my future son. Actually. We wear the same size. So.
2nd annual grizzly wintergreen lake Greeson bowl classic
So cool that 90% of the ingredients here are all grown and raised in Grapevine. Japanese fried rice-sous vide garlic & miso chicken thy- carrot, truffle & ginger purée-honey balsamic reduction and of course #sriracha
One of my favorite traditions. Bird hunting with Dad. Now I just gotta get my dog up to speed.
Close up on the 3 years of painting on top of this. Drop cloth now becomes it's own piece. @michaelshelliscreations
I swear there's a method to the mess. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Perfect day to be working on a new @michaelshelliscreations piece
Absolute pleasure getting to dine with and meet @acadiachicago chef of #acadia . Deff my top 3 favorite restaurants in America.
#bestbuddiesgala2016 is amazing! Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of some real life change @bestbuddiestx !