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This little lady joined me after school today for a little while! She was busy "doing her work" as Jessie the cowgirl.
She is so excited to be a big sister!!
adriacw 28w ago
My sweet Nova has been in my life for almost 10 years! Can't believe it! 🐱💕
adriacw 30w ago
I found my forever #12thman Photo by the talented @rowellducay
adriacw 30w ago
Pregnancy cravings! This baby wants citrus all the time. #pregnancycravings
adriacw 31w ago
Omg I already think this little bean is the cutest ever!! Couldn't be happier!! 😊
adriacw 33w ago
50 days until I marry the love of my life in this beautiful setting! @haugen.chris 💑💍
adriacw 33w ago
They always have my back and the reason they will standing next to me on my big day! 👯👰🏽👯
adriacw 41w ago
Couldn't be more excited for a new year! 2017 is going to be amazing 😊🎉💕
adriacw 43w ago
Mowgli is enjoying his mittens from @barkbox on this cold Saturday! 🐶
adriacw 44w ago
Couldn't have imagined a better weekend getaway! Thank you @haugen.chris for planning such a great trip with great company!! ❄️☃️💕😘