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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and my twin sister!!!! Another October 18th another year and another of more memories to fill it in!! I love you may not say it much or maybe not at all heheh but forsure u’ll always be my twin!!! #25 #HereWeCome #AnotherOctober #AnotherYear #AnotherOfMoreMemories #HappyBirthdayToUs
So last night when we went out for dinner for my BIG brothers birthday Nd my early BIRTHDAY celebration my best friend/Brother did a BEST FRIEND proposal (Bfosal) lol his too sweet! “He said although ur stuck with a GAY BESTFRIEND, I’ll always be there for YOU” so obviously I cried becuz thru thick Nd thin his always been there for me Nd I’ve always been there Nd still for him! His my gay bestfriend nd brother dat I love the most!! NUMBER 1 BESTIE!!!! We Always said dat by 35 if we still didn’t have someone we would get married but still have our own separate life’s lol (AmericanHorror Story Status)!!! #OhYeahBitchesWhoCanTopThatWithYourBestie #NumberOneBestie #BFosal #ThruThickAndThin #WeTheNextAmericanHorrorStory
Yesterday with my best friend my brother from another mama!!! Loves u Nd thank u for always bein their for me thru thick Nd thin! #CelebratingMyEarlyBday #OutBack #SteakHouse
OutBacks!!! Early birthday celebration for me Nd Happy Birthday to the bordo back there with the kiddos!!! My big brother from another mother/family!! Lol I love u all thank u to my best friend always doin everything for me/us!!! I love u so much always and forever my brother my best friend!!!
I though I had lost my ways but I can see I still got it! Needs a little more work but duck yeah!! 💀🥀💀🥀❤️❤️. #FridayThe13th #hairdo
Wahhh I wanna go! Needs sum Halloween spirit up in dis bitch!!! Lol