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@johnnykamikaze and I spoke on the phone yesterday. And then I found this picture. First week of school at @gwuniversity Fall Fest. In Order:
1) yes have a faux hawk and white flip flops. Blair is also wearing flip flops.
2) I am unsure why my khaki shorts are SO LARGE but I do remember them being thick and wearing a cloth belt.
3) homeboy in the blue is Gabe. He's from Boston. He reminded me of an American Gallagher brother.
4) this was on the front page of the @gwhatchet, GW's student organ.
5) they did a long-term piece on homeboy on the far left. Turns out how he would randomly go to events and dance. Much like this scene. #ViralMarketing
6) This would be the last week before I starting pledging, so my shirts after this had holes in them from wearing #PIKE pledge pins.
7) this picture was taken MORE THAN 10 years ago.
8) that band broke up. I'd like to think the game garnered from this picture in the school newspaper was the cause. Maybe this post will bring them back. We can all dream. #TBT #FBF #ThrowbackThursday #2006
Because the birthday princess didn't like the picture I had selected for her is a picture of me and @daniellemoinet.
Happy 23rd birthday to @reneeyoungwwe!
njsamps 13w ago
#Ad "I love black t-shirts and gold chains and money and less problems in the world."
cc: @champagnepapi
njsamps 15w ago
#tbt when I was fat. And in a pool.