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  Posted: Jun 18, 2012 10:46 PM FEED
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I've lived here a month, but still cannot get through the subway turnstile on the first swipe 100% of the time. Guess I'll have to stay until I figure it out. Darn.
Posted: Jul 5, 2017 12:02 AM
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Posted: Jun 27, 2017 4:20 AM
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Turned in my thesis so now I have no idea what to do with my life but it's fine *drops mic*
Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei. 👋🇩🇪
It's my momma's bday and that's pretty exciting. Thanks for being a great role model, and always reminding me it's important to have fun ❤️
I miss these publicly inappropriate Jean jacket fiends 😭
Please employ me and fund my coffee addiction. Please. 📸: @nibinquiel. #goodluxxe
It's my best friends birthday, so here is a photo of us way before we were legal ❤️❤️ happy birthday Sara, may your banana addiction keep you young and spry forever 🍌
Just because I am missing exploring all the museums and art exhibitions in Europe with this cutie a little extra today 🙄
It's been lit ✌🏻️but now I really need to get home and work on my tan...
I caught a wild charlotte in her natural habitat. Baguettes not pictured 👯