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  Posted: Jun 18, 2012 9:49 PM FEED
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#bamboo frame, so eco-friendly it hurts

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Posted: Oct 18, 2017 10:05 PM
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Working on some technical ups in my new @ornotbike kit with @that_hill_kid, which, when viewed in 2D, do not look that difficult. | #tenderfoot #someonetakethesocksoffthatdog #ridetodayornot
The house may burn down, but the shark hoodie makes its own rules when the sprinklers come on. // @tfruiht
Posted: Oct 12, 2017 3:09 PM
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Maybe should’ve checked the air quality before I left the house this morning. Even these guys had masks on while the city hides out behind them. #tubbsfire #atlasfire #nunnfire
Where once there was my wife’s parents’ house, now there is a GoFundMe link in my profile...What an insane 24 hrs. Absolutely gutted for the families in and around Sonoma County tonight.
Dropping off supplies to shelters earlier this afternoon, I thought I’d make a quick stop to assess the damage at their former home. Wild fires are an incredible force, both indiscriminate and random. The block next to this was left largely unharmed. There isn’t much sense to make of things—only time to help in whatever way we can.
While I saw complete devastation in certain neighborhoods, I also saw donation centers overflowing with volunteers who were turning away food and supplies by the carload due to overwhelm. On my way home, I saw several convoys of fire, police, and utilities vehicles heading into harm’s way. Fire and police have been working around the clock since midnight Monday morning to help rescue people and battle the blazes. The fires are still 0% contained and threatening new areas tonight, but the spirit of the fire, police and volunteers has left me absolutely floored.

I’ll continue taking things up there this week. DM or text me if you have things for me to pick up.
#tubbsfire #santarosa
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 4:11 PM
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Gotta soak up these warm nights while we have them. #stammtischride
Our cyclocross team has some “sweet” sponsors. (Pastries, get it?) Huge thanks to @biergartensf for helping us rep this season in these rad shirts and hats.
‘Twas a beautiful morning for the final #tamslam of 2017. Inversion layer was strong (unlike me) and delivered 60+ degree temps at the peak. Speaking of strong, I’m told a certain large-calved ginger (@zmorvant) took the W only a few days ahead of his nuptials. Chapeau! See ya next year. ✌🏻
CX season is starting off on the "right foot" thanks to these camo #lakecycling shoes. I may be hard to spot should I go ass over tea kettle, but I will look exceedingly #rugged otherwise. || #💪🏻 #lakecyclingmx237 #vivelatartecx
Last ones from Austria. A few people shots and a cameo from the infamous octodogs—how you take hot dogs from mild to wild. || #kiberathisis40 #wilderkaiser #austrianalps
Wilder Kaiser Day 4 - Only the manliest of men left on another wet day. 8 miles to glory along a beautiful lake. Some local traffic in the morning. #kiberathisis40 #wilderkaiser
Day 2 of #wilder Kaiser was a rest day, but new skills were learned and bonds were formed. Tomorrow guarantees rain and should be stellar. || #kiberathisis40 #wilderkaiser #austria
The entertainment has arrived (sound on) and is giving yodeling lessons || #kiberathisis40
Day 1 of the Wilder Kaiser: 12 mi/6k ft in beautiful Austrian Alps, some goats and naturally ended by projecting Pumping Iron on the side of the hut. #kiberathisis40 #wilderkaiser #austria
My mom got a Borderdoodle puppy. Her name is Ruby and she's pretty cute. She likes eating leaves and biting people with her razor puppy teeth. 💁🏼
Hiking up here is nice. Dropping packs and then hiking is even nicer. #kiberathisis40
Walking for several days across such a small set of peaks #kiberathisis40