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newshour 278w ago
On tonight's show, @pbsgwen reports on #Romney's bus tour as it rolled through #Ohio this weekend.
  • 2 dirtbag clones running for the same office. Which to choose?

  • he was overheard yelling out his bus window "you people need to work faster or I'll break Ohio up and sell it off in pieces"

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WATCH: Drone footage from #UNHCR, @refugees, shows thousands of #Rohingya Muslims crossing into #Bangladesh from #Myanmar. #refugees #drone #video
William Wegman's photographs of his beloved #Weimaraner #dogs are #funny, beautiful, mysterious and always original. They've been gracing books, magazines and museum walls for decades. #art #photography #photograph #pet #dog #dogsofinstagram
Racial inequality in America, finding beauty in our differences and reflections on life -- these are some of the things we've covered in 100 episodes of @briefbutspectacular. Among the names we've featured: @iamabfalecbaldwin, @ilanusglazer and @abbijacobson from @broadcity, Carl Reiner, @iolovesyou and @clintsmithiii. Click the link in our bio to see every episode from the series. #BriefButSpectacular #race #life #spectacular #art #artist #passion
The #guncontrol debate "closely mirrors" larger issues of culture clash in America, says New York Times columnist David Brooks. For Brooks, gun control -- an issue that's grown in scale since the #LasVegasShooting left 58 dead last week -- is a "proxy" for people of different income or education levels or who live in opposing regions to argue their perspectives.
@PBS @NewsHour’s six-part series “The End of AIDS?” was named the recipient of a News & Documentary Emmy Award in the Outstanding Science, Medical and Environmental Report category Thursday night in New York.
Produced in collaboration with Science magazine and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, the multimedia series brought viewers to six places around the world where innovative work is being done to curtail the HIV/AIDS epidemic. #newsemmys
Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, took aim at President Trump following his visit to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico on Tuesday. Cruz, who has consistently asked for more aid recovering from #HurricaneMaria, said that it was fine for President Trump to criticize her as he did on Twitter last weekend if it means more awareness will be raised about how devastated Puerto Rico really is. #PuertoRico #news #Trump #hurricanerecovery #naturaldisaster
Kevin Montalban stands in front on his destroyed #home in Cidra, central #PuertoRico. During #HurricaneMaria, he saved his neighbor from drowning inside her own house. Now he lives in a school-turned-shelter with his 12-year-old son and about 50 other residents. Watch Kevin's story, as told by @monicavillamizar, on our website: Caption by producer @jongerberg. #storm #life #heroes #community #everydayusa #everydaylatinamerica #nofilter
"It's very clear that the White House does not want to have that conversation" about #guncontrol after Sunday night's shooting in #lasvegas, NPR's Tamara Keith said on Monday night's show. She explained the grim #political routine past presidents have used to respond to mass shootings.
Nearly 6 in 10 American adults said in our latest PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll that the nation's #opioid epidemic is a major problem, but not a national emergency. The CDC estimates that as many as 64,000 Americans fatally overdosed on drugs in 2016.
“Sometimes we don’t know what’s going to happen until the storm actually hits, and this is the worst I’ve ever seen." Lt. General Jeffrey Buchanan spoke to @monicavillamizar immediately after his first flight over Puerto Rico in the daylight.
A US #Army #soldier waits at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia, where flights of supplies, service members and contractors have been launching daily for San Juan, #PuertoRico. The demand for aid has been incredible since #HurricaneMaria hit. Some contractors we met at the base had been waiting for 5+ days for a flight. #storm #hurricane #aid

Photo and caption by @jongerberg.
This former white supremacist skinhead who led a racist heavy metal band believes that there’s “life after hate,” and now runs an organization helping white nationalists – like the ones seen in Charlottesville – to “de-radicalize.” “While there is a lot misinformation and recruitment [of white nationalists] online, it also serves as a wonderful platform for counter-narratives,” that preach love and unity, says former white supremacist Christian Picciolini. #extremism #whitesupremacy #charlottesville #skinhead #racism
International faithfuls gathered at the Vatican’s general audience in St. Peter's Square for a chance to get up close and personal with the pontiff and receive his blessing. Pope Francis used the traditional, weekly papal audience to announce a global campaign in support of the world's immigrants, called "Share the Journey." The campaign encourages followers to "see the real people behind the numbers," according to Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila. #photooftheday #pope #vatican #immigrants #faith
No cell phone service. No gas. No power. No water -- this is Puerto Rico seven days after category 4 storm Hurricane Maria hit the US territory. When the storm hit last Tuesday, it was one of the worst the area had seen in years.

Residents like Karlian Mercado (pictured) have remained in the rubble of their homes. More Puerto Ricans still are in shelters, lining up for groceries and desperately seeking cell phone service. #hurricanemaria #maria #disasterrelief #puertorico
Soul singer Charles Bradley died today at the age of 68. He told us in 2013 that performing "makes you want to open every bit of love you carry inside you. It’s a beautiful feeling.” Photos by @josh_barrage
@wbrangham reports: Three generations of women in Ocuilan, Mexico watch as their home is condemned and emptied of its valuables. Officials said Tuesday's earthquake damaged the structure too severely for them to live here any longer. They'll go to a local shelter tonight, but aren't sure where they'll live afterwards. With @zachfannin and @jlfredrick for @newshour #earthquake
A look at the frantic rescue efforts outside a collapsed factory in Mexico City where at least one survivor has reportedly been texting to people from inside the rubble asking for help. An estimated 100 workers were inside when the factory collapsed on Tuesday. Video from @wbrangham, reporting from Mexico City. #earthquake #mexico
Confused about all the conversation around #Obamacare #repealandreplace ? Don't know your way around the new GOP plans #BCRA or #AHCA? Check out this chart for a crash course in what's changing. #healthcare #GOP #trumpcare
Rescuers give the "be silent" signal at the site of a collapsed building in Mexico City. The call for silence allows rescuers on the site to call out for people who might still be stranded inside.
Photo by @wbrangham reporting from #mexicocity #earthquake
@wbrangham reports: Rescue bucket brigade at work at #earthquake site in Mexico City. They're removing rubble from this collapsed building bucket-by-bucket because they don't want to risk putting heavier machinery on the pile and trigger further collapse. Hundreds of volunteers out here working around the clock, hoping someone will still come out alive. @newshour #mexicocityearthquake