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A little advice from a pro surfer

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Directed a shoot with my brothers for @olderbrotherus centered around nostalgia, tradition and ritual. The first image was shared in The New York Times today! More content to come.

Photo cred: @sellonb
2016 Trying out the mask for "Breathing Exercises" before @intisarabioto’s performance
Photo: @arthurhitchcock
@olubliss is performing tonight at @afropunk Battle of the Bands and I'm over here clapping like a proud dad. Break a leg.
Congrats to @chaz.wick on the Company Pop party and the success of "Boo Boo". Congrats to @colinmatsui for not missing his second flight. Congrats to @shanellefelice for conquering her fears at Waterworld. Congrats to @gianna_mo on finding her car after a 3 hour goose chase. And congrats to @uncledaddy_pdx for being chill af. Great times 👌🏽.
Don't have any images that do Solanges performance last night justice, but it was a lot like this.
Another collab with my bro @matthewhayesiii and full team of talented friends in the books. Video direction for @toroymoi "Omaha" music video. 📸: @colin_sanity

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48 hours in a Houston hotel mall.
The youngest Morris turns 15 today. Enjoy it @j8red 📸: @colin_sanity
Some new very serious work from me.
Play-Doh on Acrylic