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Tiger Rock’in again tonight with Mason. Can not believe this is the last rank before the advanced classes 😵. Yowza!! A level 3 green belt!
We are so proud of Grant for earning his next taekwondo rank in the Tiger Cub class ... and as you can see from his face, he’s pretty proud of himself too 😂 ❤️
Missing the smallest member of our crew on our family dove hunt.
Ponytail with bow ✔️
Sparkly purse ✔️
Makeup brushes ✔️
Wrist full of bracelets ✔️
Bulldog attire ✔️
This girl is prepared for anything. #maroonfriday
2 in school! AK and I don't know what to do with ourselves without them.
Every single bunny and her purse. I think she has the essentials covered.
These boys have worked so hard this year to complete their bobcat & tiger requirements! So proud of them! #cubscouts #pack18
2 years already?!? This little girl keeps us ALL on our toes. And for that, we love her to pieces. ❤
Thankful she has two big brothers to walk with her thru life
AK's first time to see the Atlantic Ocean. I would love to know what she was thinking. #inawe
West Palm bound! Ready to get away from this thunderstorm in Hale Co. and see some sunshine ☀️ #wehavealongwaytogo
Yesterday was 8 years ❤ 8 whole years and we are still having the time of our lives.
We all loaded up on a fast trip to Arkansas to take this pup to "puppy school". He's only been gone a few days but we are all missing him like crazy. #rico
Camp Horne with our cub scouts was awesome! I am so proud of all our boys for trying new things and working together! #pack18