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Working on music all day because fuck me djently. Hahaha
Looking toward the future with hope, and ambition, and a drive that will not be stifled. I will succeed.
Just posted a bass cover of gravity to my youtube and facebook. Check it out! Share!
WooHoo! Someone just got in her new business cards.
Working on a little something. Much work to go, but its a start!
Spending my labor day doing what i love! Going to track some bass and clean up drums for this song ive been writing. I take no credit for the solo... thats all @carlton_bost . SO much work to go, but i love when a song starts showing the first traces of life.
Working on my next bass cover. Im having fun with these! I like improving and expanding the types and styles of music i can play. Feels good. Reminds me why i picked up a bass in the first place. 💋
Seriously?! And this isnt just getting in the car... this is after cruising around for 20 minutes. The fuck. Okay weather.... you win, shit.
A one minute clip from my#bass cover of #ghostbc #secularhaze using my #schecterofficial hellraiser extreme 4, and my awesome bts system by #emg pickups. Full video on my youtube, and facebook! Both are searchable by my name franccesca de struct!
Posted a video of my bass cover Of Secular Haze using this sparkly beast! 16,000+ hand placed #swarovskicrystals on my #schecter bass!