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greeting from the mountains of california #sangorgonio #hikestagram

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And the sun is eclipsed by the moon 🎶 This was our view of totality from the Cumberland river in Tennessee. We almost had the whole place to ourselves. 2:40 secs of bliss. #eclipse #totaleclipse #eclipsevideo
One of the coolest things about the eclipse was getting to see sparkling "baileys beads" and red solar prominences next to them. So rad! #fujixt2 #eclipse #eclipse2017
Got to fulfill a long time dream this week by visiting Patagonia, Chile. There are so many beautiful sights in this part of Chile, it's hard to believe it really exists. This was was an iceberg we sailed by on the way to Grey Glacier, high up in the Patagonian mountains. The first time you see one of these in person it's truly stunning. A silence, awe, and inspiration takes over you as you stare upon these massive and remarkable structures. #torresdelpaine #patagonia
I don't often post selfies, but when I do, it's in a place this.
One of my favorite memories of my trip to Italy will be it suddenly snowing and then spending hours driving through these meandering hill side roads. There are seemingly endless little roads crisscrossing hundreds of vineyards in this part of the country. I can't wait to head back here, when it's a little warmer next time.
This little puppy took a liking to the Barolo book I just bought at the Elio Altare winery in Italy. @silviaaltare79 gave us a hospitable tour of the winery and I even had the pleasure to meet the legend himself, Elio. This was a last minute trip and detour after my time in Switzerland, but so far everyone here in Barolo has been super welcoming. The weather here is amazing too! #barolo #elioaltare
Greetings from J. Tree my friends! I went to do my 2015bestnine, and I realized I haven't even posted enough to do it. 😕 Crazy to think that all year I only posted 4 images, when 3 years ago I was posting hundreds a year. Funny, but since then I've travelled more, seen more places, had more amazing experiences than I ever have before, I just don't share it all, maybe cause I'm too busy living it? With that being said, follow me on snapchat: chrisvsnaps 👻🤓 #fujixt1 #23mmf14
I'm officially on snaphat now. Follow along: chrisvsnaps 👻
Trust your sense of adventure - I had planned a 10 day retreat near the Nepalese-Indian border in Lumbini, but political unrest shut the city down to all but bikes. I could have booked a bicycle rickshaw for 2 hours to get me in, but thought it'd be better to avoid a potentially violent situation. And I couldn't get back into India because my visa was denied. So, now I have all the time in the world to explore other parts of Nepal. My itinerary is completely undefined, but my point to this long post is that having an unplanned itinerary and going with the flow sometimes turns out awesome. If it's adventure that guides you, you get to see beautiful rivers, hills, and other wonderful sights. 🗻📷 👀
Always something happening here, that's what I love about my town. Today it's Festival of the Chariots in front of my Venice apartment. 🎪👏🏽🙏🏼🏄🎪 #venicebeach #keepitweird #kirtan
Tonight I'm starting a new feature called "fact of the week." The fact for this week is that this rock band from Mexico, D.F., called Caifanes, is the greatest rock and roll band ever from Latin America. #caifanes #viento #nodejesque #rocenespañol #moshpit
Spirituality must be distinguished from religion--because people of every faith, and of non, have had the same sorts of spiritual experiences. - Sam Harris
Heading to Buenos Aires for a week and this is all I'm taking, It's a very liberating way to travel with just the minimum stuff. It forces you to trust that everything will work out. And I would like to get my packing down to even less. Anyone else travel lightweight like this? I even have my favorite travel photo gear in there and MacBook Air.