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Back again today... our efforts at getting the squirrel into healthy eating were met with disdain..! He chewed the apple and carrot, swiftly dropped it in disgust and pestered me until I gave him more nuts.
I made the mistake of feeding this little fella some nuts the other day. Today, he’s been sitting on the windowsill of my kitchen for most of the day, on and off, glaring at me or “dancing” up the window because he wants more. 😂
After a “fun” weekend of decorating, we’ve finally got a half decent guest room. #onlytakenfouryears #anditsstillnotfinished #anotheronedown #threemoretogo
Another repost from the weekend this time from @r.w.ashby
Apologies to those of you that missed out on this one but we’ll (hopefully..!) have it again at Moseley at the end of the month..! ・・・
Just when you think you’re a cake expert, Maple butter cake with butterscotch cream comes along, curtesy of @birminghambaker #liveyourlife
#Repost from @ichoosebirmingham

If you’re not already signed up for the I Choose Birmingham email updates, I STRONGLY recommend doing so. They do loads to promote local business and events and it’s just a damn good read!
Just did an absolute raid on @bakebirmingham. They're at Kings Heath farmers market today. #birmingham #cakeporn #ichoosebirmingham
At Kings Heath today we’re trialling some jumbo sized Maple Butter Cake bars with butterscotch cream. Keeping it Autumnal! 🍁 🍂🍁
Craving potato pizza since I got back from NY. Only solution... make it yourself! #potatopizza #pizzaconpatate
First attempt at Detroit style pan pizza and it worked out pretty well. Crisp base, loads of caramelised cheese. Just needed to be a bit more greasy. 😛
Huge thanks to everyone that came to see us @seasonalmarkets yesterday. Fantastic time. Apologies to anyone that had to queue. It was a crazy one!

Thanks to @sharon.lilyandbloom for this photo of one of our Black Forest bundts. ・・・
A rather delicious end to September. A wander around the Autumn Market in Birmingham today, and it seemed rude not to stop and admire all the beautiful bakes by @bakebirmingham, and this beautiful Black Forest Baby Bundt came home with me. And a couple more lovely things that I'll share later in the week.

And now an early night as I have a crochet class to look forward to in the morning!
#slowautumndays #darlingweekend #verilymoment #flashesofdelight #thesimpleeveryday #lifeunscripted #cherishandrelish_september #simplepleasures #thatauthenticfeeling #appetitejournal #cakeoftheday #ihavethisthingwithcake #letthemeatcake #withacherryontop #bakebirmingham #babybundt #myvintagelife #vintagefinds #astilllifestyle #slowandsimpledays #todaysgoodthing #thehappynow
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Thanks for stopping by today..! 🙂
Died and gone to heaven - custard cream blondie, peanutella brownie, Brooklyn blackout & carrot cake sandwich cookies.
Lovely leg modelling from @rhysywills sitting in a bush💃
Wow. Can’t believe we’ve never sampled the wares of @theenglishindian1 before. 😍😍😍 It was all so damn good.
Okay, so sometimes when you nag us, we do listen. 😁 Not sure how long for but the Frankenbar is back tomorrow @seasonalmarkets #frankenbar #blondie #brownie #cookie #saltedcaramel #chocolate
The Candy Bar makes a long awaited return tomorrow @seasonalmarkets We’ve bulked it up so it’s now 30% (or thereabouts 😁) bigger than it used to be.
Aaaand we have Chocolate Pumpkin Bundt..!!! I CANNOT wait to cut into this. Love it!! #autumn #autumnbaking #fallbaking #pumpkinspice #pumpkinbundt #autumnspice
Twelve months ago today we had to say goodbye to this little guy. Was a complete shock to us. Still miss his weird ways. #mrjones
Still jet-lagged. Trying to wake up with breakfast, too much coffee and bake reading. More coffee...
New day, new brew. Irving Farm Gotham Dark Roast is helping us battle the jet lag this morning. 😴😴 #hasamiporcelain