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11.17.17 🐫 sport coat, two humps under quilted jacket. I really like these brown moleskin pants. Looking for a replacement pair.
11.16.17 Gun check and mean green. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite jackets.
11.15.17 Wearing the jacket of my recently acquired suit. The suit pants still need tailoring. I think it works well as a sport coat. I also really love the fit of the jacket. It is extremely comfortable. @poloralphlauren jacket and pants.
11.14.17 A red, red coat. The third picture shows the truest color. Worn with my favorite vest and a tie I picked up my freshman year of high school. @brooksbrothers vest and shirt.
11.13.17 Vintage trey piece tweed. I may have the pant hem lengthened and widened.
11.11.17 Another green jacket. Another fair isle sweater. Taking a risk with the POW pants. @poloralphlauren pants, sweater and square. @brooksbrothers shirt and jacket.
11.10.17 So happy about the chill in the air. Fair isle, loden, and flannel. @brooksbrothers shirt and jacket. @poloralphlauren tie, square and pants.
11.09.17 This Just In: J. Press Navy Nailhead Suit. $60 @ eBay. I haven't had any work done on this suit yet. I'm not happy with the drape of the pants, the back of the jacket, and the width of the shoulders. I love the details of the jacket. 3/2 roll, undarted front, hook vent. What do you think, guys?
11.07.17 Houndstooth tweed, camo, and POW. Slide for flannel, OCBD, and new cardigan.
11.06.17 Camel, Donegal, OCBD, Wool Patchwork. Tap once for brands.
11.04.17 Baggy classics. Undarted, 3/2 roll, triple patch pockets, swelled edges. All I ever want. Please and thank you. @poloralphlauren pants, socks, vest, and tie.
11.03.17 I wish I had gone with a solid tie. There's always next time.
11.02.17 I'm going to keep pretending it's cool even though it's not. Tie is navy.
11.01.17 Not sure that this tie is working. I think a dark brown would have worked better.
10.31.17 Happy Halloween. Wishing you all full bags of candy and no tummy aches. @poloralphlauren pants, shoes and socks.
10.30.17 Simply suited. Tie is navy donegal.
10.28.17 I wish I had took better pictures of these outfit. I got sick at work and crashed as soon as I got home. It's the first outing for these @billskhakis blackwatch pants. They're cool. Slide for a view. @brooksbrothers jacket, shirt and tie.
User Image acutestyle Posted: Oct 28, 2017 12:26 PM (UTC)
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This Just In: Polo University Club POW BD Suit. $100 @ eBay. Lengthen the sleeves. Shorten and cuff the pants. Not sure about slimming the pants. Pants are double forward pleats, daks adjusters with suspenders buttons. Thoughts?
10.27.17 Another day, another cardigan. Two in fact. The plaid one is a vest. Have a good weekend. Stay cozy.