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  Posted: Jun 18, 2012 3:15 AM FEED
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I follow a good amount of "fitness" accounts. Some I agree with, others I don't. The beauty is, each offers a viewpoint with which I can relate or respect.
So on w the long rant...
One posted something along the lines of a transformation picture. W the higher bf% being labeled as "unmotivated" and "unambitious" and the current, leaner picture being labeled as the opposite (motivated, ambitious, all the good things)
Another account, a competitor, spoke of how she successfully reversed out of a show and has remained in a "good body fat level" for a female. And stated that blowing up post-show and labeling it "self-love" is "unhealthy"
My thoughts? Social media sure does get to you 😂😩 but seriously, it's bullsh*t. Looking at the first post and thinking well, I'm not lean like him so I must not be as motivated OR I blew up post-show I guess I f*cked up and this #selflove talk is just a cover up 😓
Although I understand the intentions were good, as someone who's lacked some mental faculties such as confidence and awareness in the past, I see how that has and can discourage a person (me). And to those who find themselves in the same comparison story, I want to be the one to tell you, YOU ARE DOING GREAT. Wherever you are in your journey. Just bc you're not lean DOES NOT mean you're not motivated. Just bc you gained more weight then you'd like DOES NOT mean you're unhealthy. What's going on in your head is a different story and THATS what matters. If you're fluffy but grinding day in & day out, it'll show. If you've gained weight but you're happier, gaining confidence, using it as a learning experience, improving in the gym etc. it'll pay off.
Looks don't matter much when your minds not right. So pay attention to that and the rest will follow.
And remember this is a journey. There is no "wrong" way. Please don't let yourself feel like there is.
Mess up. Learn. Grow. Change. You'll get there. One day at a time.
"It's not easy, but it's simple" -Eric Thomas
Some philosophical sh*t right there. What does that even MEAN?! You know, I find it fascinating that some people might get exactly what it means and others would be confused by the statement.
I like to relate everything to fitness/nutrition bc it's the most tangible thing in my minds eye. To be able to manipulate factors to create a desired physique is freakin incredible to me. It's simple. Follow a few guidelines. Remain consistent and the results will come with time.
So if it were so simple how come everyone isn't doing it???
Well, that's easy. From the physiological standpoint it seems doable. But we are NOT just a body. We are NOT machines ready to take and apply information given to us. We have thoughts, feelings, paradigms or "habits", beliefs, fears, lifestyles etc that all come into play.
So the "guidelines" to achieve your desired physique are quite simple and very few. But too often people try to mold themselves to fit a certain approach i.e. Eating 6 meals a day but they have an office job 🤷🏽‍♀️
When INSTEAD you can mold the guidelines to fit your lifestyle. But how tough can that be? "It CAN'T be that simple bc now I don't have an excuse as to why it can't be done"
And that's where the hard part comes in. DOING SOMETHING YOU ASSUME CAN NOT BE DONE. It gets uncomfortable. You try. Hard. Victory isn't definite and that scares you. Changing yourself every day. Fighting your "old self" the one who doesn't believe your capable. The one who says you'll quit 3 weeks in bc you always have in the past.
THATS what's hard. And if you've made it this far, I'm here to tell you, you CAN do it! It's not easy, but it's simple. So take it day. By. Day.
Put in the effort. Make the necessary changes. Figure out what works for YOU not you for 'it'
Little by little becomes a lot.
Honestly just posting bc I genuinely thought I looked cute for once 🤷🏽‍♀️
Workin on that #selflove n #confidence every. Damn. Day. 💕
Real talk. If you're not nice to yourself please PLEASE cut yourself some slack. You deserve to be nice to yourself. YOU ARE AWESOME.
My parents came into town and brought my BBM package finally! 😭🙌🏽 haven't changed my postal address since I moved to San Antonio oops.
Anyway, I've been DYING to get a hold of this new gear and first up was this CUTE ASS hunter green(?) top 😍
I've said it before I'll say it again, something abt this brand got me feeling some type of way in the gym 💪🏽 hitting 215x5 squats easyyyy. Fr I gotta record these for y'all cos my goodness
This pic was taken Monday and I'm starting to look like I lift more and more each day. It's cool how much progress you can make when you quote f*cking around and stay consistent 💪🏽😏
If you wanna be a lil beast like me grab your own gear @ n use my code BBMAUDREY10 for a discount! 💃🏽💃🏽 Save money. Lift heavy shit. GRIND.
So I started my 4-week cut on Monday. The week went great, lifts were f*cking awesome and my parents are here to visit for the weekend! 😍❤️ yay for family!
Also last night I stuffed my face w meat and cheese at @texasdebrazil and this morning ate some barbacoa tacos 🙃 these were one of those #memoriesovermacros moments. My progress isn't necessarily COMPLETELY shot by these 2 days of overeating but ya know, I'm not gonna be disappointed when my final "package" at the end of the month isn't exactly what I envisioned.
The point being, I AM AWARE OF THE OUTCOMES OF MY ACTIONS. The. Point. Being. You get what you put in. Or out whichever way you wanna look at it.
If you say you wanna lose weight but you're making excuses to NOT go to the gym or not making the effort to identify what you're eating then you really don't want it 🤷🏽‍♀️ your results will ALWAYS speak for themselves. It won't ever be "perfect" but EFFORT is all you need. Put in the effort and you'll find the way.
Also I cut my badass @bigboymade hoodie into a crop and ITS ADORABLE LOOK AT ME 🙆🏽💪🏽☺️
Get your own @ and use my code BBMAUDREY10 to save 😘👌🏽
So, after posting a picture yesterday that I took a few months back to demonstrate the body fat % I'm aiming for by the end of the month, many people thought it was my current physique.
I mentioned it wasn't AT THE END OF MY CAPTION/MESSAGE. So that tells me many people aren't reading my messages 🤷🏽‍♀️
I mean, this is ig it's cool if you just follow for my pics cos duh.
But something cool happened. I used to get real caught up on my follower count or amount of "likes" I got in the first hour of a post and after that, it made me realize that that shit really doesn't matter to me as much as having my message heard to those who want/need to hear it.
There ARE people out there that read my stuff and relate. And when I get those messages that I've helped out in some way or another it truly makes me feel some type of way.
So this is an appreciation post 🤗 to my followers who read my long ass captions. And to my fluffy self cos although I got bodyfat hiding my cute lil boulder shoulders and hanging out my backside, it's def helping me, as my @bigboymade tank says, MOVE SOME MOTHERF*^%KING WEIGHT 💪🏽😈
Bet I was reppin' 210x6 E A S Y.
Also body recomp is so fkkn cool I'm seeing the X figure 👀 aka small waisttttt💃🏽💃🏽
Like my tank? You can cop it @ and use my code BBMAUDREY10 so save some 💰💰
P.S. Idk why my legs look so dark promise I didn't edit it weird 🤷🏽‍♀️
It gets hard. You fall "off track." You get tired. You don't feel "motivated." You get discouraged. Shit takes too long. You don't know where to start. Blahblahblah. I GET IT. There's so many obstacles when talking fitness (it basically applies to life in general) and there's something I heard today that I wanted to share with you...
It went something along the lines of "Some people are interested. Others are COMMITTED."
And it's basically that simple. Success is never a straight line. There are ups and downs and those "downs" are just learning experiences IF YOU LET THEM BE. The difference between those who succeed and those who don't is their COMMITMENT. No matter how many times they get knocked down, they DON'T GIVE UP.
I've been struggling AGAIN with this whole weight gain and I felt myself going back into that binging cycle. Difference is I LEARNED AND I REFUSE TO BACK DOWN THIS TIME.
This "fitness" stuff never gets easier. We just learn. We learn what works for us and what is SUSTAINABLE. We find that happy medium. So here's a little #motivationmonday post for those who aren't quite there yet, or the ones who WERE but fell off and never got "back on track"
I'm here to tell you it's okay. It's okay to mess up.
But think about it....are you INTERESTED or COMMITTED?
If it's the latter GET UP AND TRY AGAIN. Today is a new day. Be better. Do better. The days of consistent effort will add up I promise you.
Little by little becomes a lot.
Happy Monday, friends!
P.S. NOT my current physique but will get back to this body fat % by the end of the month 👀
Happy Saturday, friends!!
To all my San Antonio peeps, this weekend is FANTASY WEEKEND over at @panifico_bake_shop and they have SUPER cute (and f*cking tasty) treats that include unicorn donuts, galaxy donuts (both posted abt a while back) and these FREAKING ADORABLE UNICORN CUPCAKES like look at these things c'mon now.
I was super craving cupcakes so this was kinda perf timing 😭❤️
Seems like an ad but I am by no means affiliated w this shop I just SUPER appreciate good treats bc food duh 💁🏽🍪🍩🍰🍦
Also, I've been following this shop for a while and it seemed like the last fantasy weekend they weren't super prepared for and they did they're best to LEARN and IMPROVE from their mistakes. Which, IF YA'LL ACTUALLY READ MY STUFF, is a trait I particularly LOVE to see/work on myself in ANY aspect of life. Normally I would relate it to relationship w food, confidence or fitness but this is in the aspect of business and LET ME JUST SAY they're doing it SO RIGHT.
So go visit them and get the unicorn donut and cupcakes!! Donut bc the unicorn horn has cream in it 😭 (yaaaas) and it's a super delicious donut. And cupcake bc aesthetics alone LOOK AT IT and take cute pics in the back drop they have cos they also have a giveaway 🤗 SO MANY OF THE GOOD THINGS good job Panifico!!! 💕🦄🔮 #panificobakeshop #2sueet
Happy Saturday, friends!!
STORY TIME (sorta)
So today I trained with my sister who's fairly new to the gym scene. And let me tell you it was AMAZING! 😭🙌🏽
We started off with cardio on the stair master and cardio is just NOT my thing. I dropped it about a week or 2 after my competition and haven't missed it since. 3 minutes in I was already dying and thought F*CK what did I get myself into 🤦🏽‍♀️ and then I turned to my sister who was struggling (bc she was sore from working legs the day before) and suggested a hiit approach for her. Up the speed for 30 sec and drop the speed for 1:30. I saw the pain and determination and the struggle to complete it and ALL MY FOCUS was on her. Pushing her, encouraging her and although I could tell it was painful and uncomfortable for her she still PUSHED THROUGH and put in HELLA effort. W my focus on her, cardio seemed to just fly by for me which was awesome.
The rest of the training session was the EXACT same. I ended up not really training towards the end bc my focus on HER effort was just so intense and I LOVED every second of it. To see her pained face, fighting to finish her reps, really focusing on putting my instruction of good form to use gave me a sense of fulfillment I can't really explain.
To be able to explain to her through the process WHY form is executed in a certain way or HOW the intensity of the workout benefits her in what way, so on and so forth.
I truly loved every minute of it.
THATS what I love to do. I love to be able to encourage and guide someone who was in a place I was at before. Not as experienced, not as confident, not as informed. But what I love most is SEEING THAT WILLINGNESS in the person to WANT to improve. To WANT to push through no matter the difficulty.
I don't want to be someone who tells you to do something and leaves you to sink or swim.
I want to be that person to guide you. To encourage you when you feel like you can't go anymore. To GIVE YOU OPTIONS and explanations and let you make the decision on what YOU prefer to do. To assure you, as long as you're constantly putting in effort you are NEVER doing something "wrong."
Believe in yourself. Bc I believe in YOU.
You know how people say we're constantly learning? Well, if you haven't I'm here to tell y'all we're CONSTANTLY learning. But only if we allow it. Literally Every. Single. Event. We can learn from if we DECIDE to see it as such.
Starting around this time last year I was falling into some type of defeat. I don't wanna call it depression but man it was something I'd never want another person to feel.
I ate my life away (binged), stopped going to the gym bc I felt so embarrassed of my physique and tried to avoid going out in general bc all my clothes wouldn't fit and it's like I never lifted a weight in my life.
I was ashamed of myself and forgot everything I had accomplished prior to that point. I was so lost. All my progress and hard work, mentally and physically, gone.
Well...I've learned from that. I mean, I'm still eating more than I should/need to but I'm NOT ashamed. I'm continuing to go to the gym and actually put the extra energy to use and my strength has DEFINITELY improved. And so has my mindset. I mean, I'm still uncomfortable sometimes but I've learned to be kinder to myself and that in turn has MOTIVATED ME to continue to do better in and out of the gym..instead of giving up.
I'm learning this time around to NOT LET MY APPEARANCE dictate my performance. Bc I've found I can still feel just as awesome with some fluff on my tummy and cellulite on my thighs 🙃
I want to encourage YOU to learn from your past. Whatever has happened. Think of it and instead of being upset, thinking "I knew it would happen again", do something different. The outcome may not be amazing but you know what? It'll be different and you can CONTINUE to learn and adjust. You'll find that sweet spot I promise. I know I will.
The mere action of me going about this weight gain DIFFERENTLY makes me damn sure I'm one step closer to finding that place.
You can do it! WE can do this.
What fitness taught me(that has and will continue to cross over into many aspects of my life):
1. Making a decision and creating HABITS that align with that goal/decision is necessary. I decided I wanted to feel comfortable in my body and in order to do that I needed to be at the gym. I didn't always want to go but after pushing myself to go often and consistently, I felt off NOT going and it became a part of my day. A HABIT.
2. CONSISTENCY IS EVERYTHING. There is no "right" way to do something. There might be things that are more optimal, yes. But it comes down to being consistent over time. Little by little becomes a lot, so don't stress about being "perfect" every day. Do your best w the 24 hours in front of you. It'll add up.
3. Keep your GOAL/VISION on lock. And don't lose sight of it. I imagined myself looking a certain way; at the time it was not having my belly fat jiggle or be prominent (aka be lean). I wanted it SO BAD and that helped me push forward. Every set, every rep, every minute of cardio. The mere desire to reach that aesthetic goal gave me the energy/will to complete what I needed to, to achieve the physique I wanted.
4. Its NEVER A RACE NOR A COMPETITION. I mean, being a bikini competitor it is a competition to an extent BUT I'm talking fitness here. The more you keep in mind that you're doing this for YOU and not the people you THINK are looking at you in the gym, the easier it is to block out the fear of judgement and work hard for YOU. Less ego lifting leaves room for more genuine, productive workouts w good form and mind-muscle connection(aka quality over quantity)
I could go on about the great things I've learned but those are a few I wanted to share 😊 now, I'm sure people can learn these ideas without fitness but I feel since it made such an impact on my life, it could definitely make an impact on others if they keep these goals in mind. So I hope this puts things into perspective for y'all! 🤗

What have YOU learned throughout your fitness journey thus far??
Am I too late in the day for #transformationtuesday 😋
3 years progress. All in the month of September.
Anyway, I've seen a handful of transformations today and I always LOVE to see those. I mean, you get so used to seeing how people look now you forget, or aren't even AWARE of how far they've come.
We often tend to discredit people we don't even know and say "oh they're naturally built like that" or "it's easy for them bc *insert some random excuse here*" and with my time in the gym and being around the fitness space I can GUARANTEE that is mostly never the case.
Although this transformation seems to be just a weight gain one😅 I can assure you it's much, MUCH more than that.
One thing I can point out are my proportions. 2015 I was straight up and down. No "hips" per say, and definitely no ab definition.
2016 the picture doesn't do much justice BUT there are little ab lines starting to form. Got some shoulder caps going on and finally started training back a few months prior so the lats were existent.
2017 (of course) is my best. Or was whatever 😂 I had a noticeable 6-pack for once in my life and have put on a good amount of lean muscle. Although, this picture is current so also put on a good amount of fat 😂😩
I can pick apart my body forever but that's not the point I want to get at here.
The point I want to get at here is:
1️⃣I'm sure you've heard it plenty of times before; PROGRESS TAKES TIME. Time and CONSISTENCY. You may not be where you want to be physically but I can guarantee you, you never will 🤷🏽‍♀️ once you reach some goal/milestone/look, you'll always want something more. You'll never be content. So I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU to be genuinely happy with where you're at now. Whether you're 2015 Audrey barely starting out and seeing your body change, or your 2016 Audrey and you're feeling like you're finally looking the way you want (loving it but unconsciously wearing yourself out) OR you're 2017 Audrey and living life (aka eating) and focusing on goals that aren't just aesthetic.
Or maybe you're past that. Wherever you are, enjoy it. Embrace where you are and trust that w consistent effort you'll get to that next place🤗 I believe in you!
You ever have those days where you just can't gather your words for a meaningful post but you wanna stay relevant and just post SOMETHING? Well, that's what this is 🙃
It's been abt a week since I've posted🤷🏽‍♀️ I've taken pictures, but I always strive for a theme or message in my caption or else I won't post...and I honestly haven't had anything come to mind.
And it may not matter to some, but I like to think a good chunk of my following actually reads my long as captions 🤗 so to those who do, you're appreciated and I'll get back to that soon✌️
Good morning friends!
Okay story time📚
So it's been rainy and windy here in San Antonio, Texas but nothing super intense.
I've had a meeting at work at 8am yesterday (which worked out fine bc Friday) and today as well, meaning I had to hit the gym @6am OR SO I THOUGHT.
I normally don't go to the gym early in the am on a weekend so I was UNAWARE THE GYM DIDN'T OPEN UNTIL 7AM TODAY.
I searched around for a Golds that opened earlier and I found one abt 10 mins away so I headed that way. I was literally down the street when I realized it was a black label Golds which I don't have access to 🙄🙄 and the only 24hr golds was 20 mins away which meant longer driving time and shorter workout time either way🤷🏽‍♀️
I could've gone home and slept an extra hour but instead I figured I'd just wait until 7 @ the gym closest to my work (not my fav for lower body day) and kill my workout for whatever time I had.
I had on my cute ass @bigboymade hoodie originally for the weather but I'm not playin w y'all when I say this gear gets me FIRED UP.
Getting to the gym parking lot I realized going home/not working out wasn't even an option for me. Despite terrible weather, closed gyms and small time frame I remembered this quote I heard from John Kanary: "EXCELLENCE IS A COMMITMENT TO COMPLETION." Short but powerful. I started something today by waking up and heading to the gym. I made a decision to finish what I started, no matter what. I could have used the weather as an excuse, or the time, or even the fact that it wasn't the gym I was looking forward to training at OR EVEN ALL THOSE TOGETHER but instead, I made A COMMITMENT TOWARDS COMPLETION. Best part about it was it wasn't hard. This habit I'm creating for myself becomes more and more like second nature every day I exercise it.
So that's my story time to hopefully inspire you to finish what you started today. Whatever that may be. Whatever the circumstances. YOU CAN BE EXCELLENT.
Have a great Saturday y'all! Stay safe ✌️😊
Like my hoodie? Cop one for yourself @ and use my code BBMAUDREY10 to save some 💰💰🤗
Was originally tryina do the whole insta-fit chick-booty pose but caught sight of every other muscle BUT the 🍑🤷🏽‍♀️
Not really complaining bc I've been eating like an asshole lately so the fact that I still got some type of muscle definition is definitely a good thing.
I've grown to accept and even love the fact that I don't see myself like "these other Instagram fit chicks" (I put those in quotes cos that's not really a thing just an idea in my head 🙄- or in a few of our heads, even)
Comparing myself to others used to be a big issue for me. And still is, to an extent. But everyday that I focus more on MYSELF and what I can bring and provide for my to just simply be MYSELF. I'm a bodybuilding foodie 🤷🏽‍♀️ I'm in love with food and I'm in love with bodybuilding. The human physique is a remarkable one. To be able to manipulate it strategically using science (and hard work) is even COOLER. And even tho sometimes I feel less than bc I don't post sexy booty pics or weird workouts, I try to remind myself that I don't NEED to do what others are doing to be valuable.
I can be myself and share what truly matters to me and there WILL be people who relate. And I'd like to remind YOU of that as well.
Stay true to yourself and your tribe will find you.
W that being said, I hit 3K not too long ago. And in the SM world that's really not a lot at all but the way I see it, there's 3K people who even have a slight interest in what I post (enough to push that follow button) so I'm curious to know, what keeps you following me? What can I post more of to help YOU out? How I eat, track, workout, think etc. let me know!! And thanks for following
Have a great day 🤗
Posted: Aug 24, 2017 1:22 AM
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Happy #humpday friends! A little #transformation n a little #throwback 😃 appropriate for any day. 💃🏽💃🏽
Anyway, I don't have a long elaborate text today. Only the fact that I can't wait to blow the right pic out of the water.
Be consistent and persistent and you WILL improve. It's guaranteed.
Here's your little reminder to just START.
Happy #transformationtuesday friends! This transformation is obv a weight gain transformation as opposed to a weight loss one, but nonetheless I'm still proud of it 🤗
◀️Left was in June at the end of my prep
▶️Right is now, August, eating good and still lifting 💪🏽😊
I wanna say it's clear that a transformation can and definitely is more than physical, but it seems that's not entirely true.
I've changed quite a bit between these 2 photos (n I don't just mean the +12lb weight gain) and I continue to change every day.
I move further away from the person I was to the person I want to become.
It baffles me when people laugh at statements like that or scoff at the suggestion of doing something different. And at the same time I remember being exactly like that. Shutting down "silly" statements because it wasn't "realistic". Feeling like I knew better but obviously my results said otherwise 🤷🏽‍♀️
So here's a little challenge for you all... CHANGE. Do something a little different today. Anything. Pick a task in your daily routine and change it up.
Funny because one little change, like putting on your right shoe first as opposed to your left, can sound dumb or pointless to a closed mind. But take a second to think...I am most likely correct in saying that same person is unhappy with some (or many) things in their own life. So why, when the results are unfavorable, would they speak in confidence that doing something different (such as the action stated above) is silly or pointless? You can't be sure of the outcome of something if you have yet to try it🤔
Little changes can lead to big transformations. Take it day by day. Challenge. Change. And remember, little by little becomes a lot.
Seriously guys, I ALWAYS have the best workouts when I rep my @bigboymade gear 😍💪🏽 Finally (trying) to move some heavy ass weight. Slowly but surely 🤗
I wanna see the eclipse today but no glasses 😩 I didn't even know it was that serious 🤷🏽‍♀️ anyway, hope y'all have a good Monday!
Like my gear? Use my code BBMAUDREY10 to save 💰💰💰
Today I had grown up stuffs to take care of which called for me being up and about by 8:30am (mind you, I'm usually barely waking up at this time). For health purposes, I wouldn't have been able to train afterwards, I work 5pm-11:30ish and tbh not sure I'd get my bum to the gym after work cos I know my tendencies 🤷🏽‍♀️
So 6:30am workout sesh was the only option.
I set my alarm and this morning obv it was tough to wake up. I had a constant battle in my head going back and forth between telling myself it's okay to sleep in and telling myself to get my ass up and goooo. And even when I WAS up and dressed I still considered sleeping.
And here's what got me through those doors: "Discipline is the ability to give yourself a command and then follow it. THIS I WILL DO."- Bob Proctor
*in my head* it doesn't matter if you don't have a competition or deadline to make. Sure, you can sleep in but how will you feel afterwards? How much further away from your goals will you be? ONE MORE DAY WASTED (bc spent 4 days away from the gym this past weekend) it's about the discipline, Audrey. And the HABIT you're creating.
Prep is some tough shit. There's no negotiation, you just GET IT DONE and eventually, it becomes easier. Second nature. A HABIT.
What good would I be doing for myself if I got used to negotiating, or "taking it easy" ?
This sport; this lifestyle is rarely about "feeling" like doing something, it's about having the DISCIPLINE to do what has to be done, and that will spill into other areas of life.
So I bossed up, threw on my cute ass @bigboymade cut off, grabbed that BBM shaker cup and got after it! This brand got me feeling some type of way when I need that extra push👊🏽 Wanna get in on that grind? Use my code BBMAUDREY10 for a discount on your own merch! 💪🏽😘
Get after it, guys! Have a great Friday 💕
Happy Thursday, friends!! 😃 okay, so I was putting some photos side-by-side to show my weight gain as of yet and then I put these together and super wanted to share! Although it's a little different than my normal posts 😅
It's no lie that I've been eating good recently 😂🎂🍪🍩🍦and I have no one to blame but myself 🤷🏽‍♀️ I won't throw the whole "balance" "love yourself" type stuff at you bc in my situation, it really wasn't about balance or loving myself.
I. LOVE. FOOD. and I was tired of restricting myself. I was tired of dieting and bingeing. I came to terms with the fact that I KNOW I can put in the effort and I KNOW I can diet down. It's been done, I can do it but at what cost? I felt I HAD to track everything to the gram or not track at all. I felt I needed a structured diet in order to have a structured training regimen and if not, just avoid the gym altogether. If I "fell off", I fell off HARD. And if I wasn't striving for leanness I wasn't striving for anything. I wanted something I didn't know how to keep.
So here I am, w a little extra jiggle that I'm still trying to get comfortable with 🤗 and strength I haven't known since high school🏋️‍♀️
It's a strange feeling to have goals that aren't just aesthetic bc why lie seeing everyone jump on their fitness journey and starting to look like they lift I wanna be there again too. But for what? To prove something.
I took a step back and realized I have nothing to prove to ANYONE but myself. I know what I can be capable of and I will continue to grow and work towards whatever goal I set out for myself.
And to whoever has started their journey, or have found themselves lost in the "competition" of it all, I hope this is a reminder to stay grounded and STAY FOCUSED. Bc at the end of the day, we do this for no one but OURSELVES. Continue moving forward and helping others along the way.
Curious: what are YOUR goals as of yet? Comment below! Mine is to squat 225 AT LEAST twice 😎
Have a great day, y'all!