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Before and after he gets belly rubs. This damn cat is so cute #Nacho #baby
I'm Heather. I am a photographer. I like dinosaurs, robots, and vampires. I have tattoos for all of them. I listen to pop punk music and I can get real emo. Most of my wardrobe is black or pink. I am Great at making pizza and I am marrying my always in a month. Hi.
When you smoke a whole rip stick and get on that clone wars defense. #ultimateemail #emodarthvader
My bestie @jillian.l.duran made me a mermaid cake. Thank you I love you so much.
My Bridal throne yesterday. I Was in tears this morning, reflecting on how happy I am and how much I love all of the people I got to be with yesterday. I am the happiest mermaid in the world. #love #bridalshower
I was really tempted to walk across this but Johnny said no! Lol #standbyme #myhero #photographerproblems