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Just a casual day off in Victoria. Nothing out of the ordinary. 📷: @jeffinsell
I have my own dressing room with my name on it. And my name is spelled correctly. What is my life right now?! #oneginmusical #oneginontour #fancyaf 📷: @joshepstein1
A pumpkin spice latte, white wine, Brie, Gouda, raspberries, mashed potatoes turkey and roasted veggies, asparagus, stuffing, gravy and pumpkin pie. Sure, the stuffing is from a box, but still... not bad for a hotel kitchen if I do say so myself. #ThanksgivingOnTour #Chefiuchi #idrankawholebottleofwine
I got Chinese take out between shows today (2 show day) and THIS was my fortune cookie.