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A life lost far too soon. A too common occurrence among cyclist. When will people learn that when it comes to cyclist VS car, car always wins. This time that car took an 18 year old's life. Slow down. You being in too big of a hurry could cost some other poor soul's life. Ride in peace young Clément, see you on the other side. #IRideForClemet
#ibike #cycling #tragedy #RIP #montroyal
San Antonio, you are always good to me. Thanks for having me and letting my @redbull family take over. This year's Red Bull Last Stand was a huge success. I already can't wait for next year. Thank you to all that made this event possible! #RedBullLastStand
#fixedgear #cycling #fixedgearcrit #sanantonio #texas #alamo #GivesYouWings
State Bikes is out in force here today in San Antonio, Texas for the 2nd edition of @redbull Last Stand. Be sure to follow along for happenings and results. We will be taking over the @statebicycleteam IG page for the day along with @fixiegram and a FB LIVE on my athletic page. Follow along in my stories for more info! #RedBullLastStand
#fixedgear #fixie #cycling #exploreyourstate #GivesYouWings #sanantonio #WhereCouldABikeTakeYou
San Antonio- I'm back! Who wants to go for a group ride tomorrow (Wednesday) morning before the heat sets in? Get some easy spinning in before the big event this Saturday. #RedBullLastStand
#texas #sanantonio #alamo
As the rest of the world prepares for the first day of fall I begin my preparations for the arrival of winter. This will be my first winter away from the sun and warmth of the South. I have started the building out of my winter training facility. Along with this it will be accompanied by a fat bike and cross country skis. Looking for recommendations on fat bikes and proper clothing to embrace the rumors of -20c. You have insight? Lend me your knowledge!! #winteriscoming #crossiscoming #winter #training #fitness #offseason #WhereCouldABikeTakeYou
Though not all of them, this is a partial of the group that made @marilov3 and myself's wedding weekend one to remember. I love this group and can't wait to have them back to Canada as soon as possible. #Zawadawedonow
PS: I've fallen in love with this Sony RX100V
@marilov3 and I did a thing over the weekend... we decided to spend the rest of our lives together. Some would say she's crazy for agreeing, hell I'd probably agree! But I'm beyond words at how it makes me feel. #Zawadawedonow 📸- @patblackattack
Explore your state is not just a hash tag, for the Adventure Exploration Squad it's simply a way of life. We aim to inspire, create envy, and most of all do epic s***! Our trip to Ketchum, Idaho for Rebecca's Private Idaho was an epic experience of seismic proportions. #ExploreYourState
#RPIgravel #StateBikes #vanlife #camping #exploremore #WhereCouldABikeTakeYou
That's it, that's all. The 2017 Rebecca's Private Idaho is officially done. What an amazing event put on by a group of people that truly know the meaning of "Be Good". This is one of the better events I have been to and certainly most fun! I highly recommend you put this event on your list of go to's next year. Especially if you are a SS gravel Grinder. One of the hardest and most challenging single speed courses I have ridden to date. Maybe if we can get enough of us next year we can even have our own categories, men and women's! Let make it happen by showing up in full force. A big thank you to everyone that made this trip happen, @statebicycleco and @redbull showed up in full force and we can't thank them enough for providing the ability to attend this event. Also thank you to the Queen herself, @rebeccarusch for the invite out. To everyone that made this trip great, 🍻 2018 here we come! #RPIgravel

#ExploreYourState #GivesYouWings #ketchum #idaho #gravelrace #sscx #ssgravel #exploremore #WhereCouldABikeTakeYou
Day 2 of @rebeccarusch's Queen's Stage Race. 4.4 mile uphill time trail... wow what a blast that was. 20 mile group ride out to the start line, the race, then a 20 mile group ride home accompanied by some hot springs and glacier cold water. Amazing group here this weekend. I believe I pulled off another 5th place today leaving me 5th overall. Great day, amazing race, the best people! #RPIgravel
#GivesYouWings #goprophotography #ExploreYourState #CantStop #ChaseAdventure #HandUpGloves #bellbikehelmets #sscx #gravelrace #ketchum #idaho #WhereCouldABikeTakeYou
Currently sitting 5th overall after the first day of racing at @rebeccarusch's Queen's Stage Race. Couldn't have asked for a better group to road trip up here with. The @statebicycleco Adventure Exploration Squad is out in full force ripping gravel and having all the good times!
#StateDoesIdaho is in full swing! Thanks @statebicycleco for making this road trip happen. We are in route to @rebeccarusch's Private Idaho event. Follow along. #rebeccasprivateidaho
#crossiscoming #cyclocross #jumps