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Okay, okaaaaay. Half a year of silence in my feed is too long.
To sum up the past six months we are doing great. Moving out of the city has been the best decision in so many ways and Ebeltoft is starting to feel a lot like home. Oh, and in a few months we are adding a baby brother to the family. We are all pretty excited 😍
We have been counting the days for the past month, but today it's finally happening. We are moving our lives across the sea, out of the city. Closer to the water, the nature and a calmer life. We will miss the city for sure, but it's okay. It feels as if a great adventure is about to begin 💫
Old, wooden floors in serious need of soap and elbow grease = a weekend-long all body workout.
All is good. Life is great. We have snow and wine ❤
When Monday arrives after a pretty awesome weekend 😴
Normally I create pictures and content for other people, companies or brands. But today is all about myself 😄
In the safe hands of talented people, I'm creating a short commercial about me and my business and today we recorded my speak for the voice over 🎤🎧🙈
Going home. Tired feet and aching head 💃🏼😴
This is what trying to be patient while waiting for dinner looks like when you're 3 #hangry 😅