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Another cycling pop-up, sun is shining too 😎☀️🚲
Jack loved the F1 simulator at a garage nearby, but Luke was too small, luckily he dealt with it well!
Another cycling pop up at the Brownlee track, weather turned out nice for it. 👍
Hot date with this handsome young man ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jack came home from the first day of new term looking just as smart as this morning. Luke however... 🙄😂
Glorious day for catching crabs and being by the sea 🦀🦀
Beat The Wall!! Looking forward to Ninja Warrior filming starting 😁😁
Love my Chip teacup ❤️ thanks to my sis x
Another great pop up at The Brownlee Centre track today with HSBC Let's Ride, got Luke cycling again 🚲🚲 and @maffmace joined us in his lunch hour from work
#letsride #cycling #brownleecentre #family #bike
Jack only went for a walk to the bus stop with my Mum and Charlie and came back with 16 apples in his pockets plus a bag full! 🍎🍎🍎
It's always nice to have a few days off work - spending time as a family, the kids have enjoyed it all 💙

#lightwatervalley #kirkstallabbey #bowling🎳 #family #schoolholidays #summerholidays
Happy birthday to my gorgeous niece and god-daughter @mace6232 - won't embarrass you with an old pic, but I've enjoyed looking through them all!! Have a great day xxxxxxxx
Apparently it's a microphone he's holding 😂😂
Aaaand relax! Well as much as you can paddling in freezing sea, really lovely though ❤️