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  Posted: Jun 17, 2012 6:49 AM FEED
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Tournament of nerds @ucbtla now. Comics! Sci fi! Life!

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Creatives coming together at @inheroeswetrust_venice for afternoon wine to discuss #artbasel2017 , photography, comedy, and loving each other on planet earth 🌏 LOOKING FOR SPONSORS to jump on board with us for @artbasel. 🎉🎉if interested, slide into my DM🦄✨
Last week’s #venicefringe show with @femmedytrio (@biniambiz & @chris_fairbanks ) was far from basic. This hub is becoming the go to spot to kick back and laugh. See you tonight by da beach?? 🐫🏖 #fringecomedycollective #fringeonmondays #freethenipple
October reminds me of creativity. It’s a month filled with color from the fall season and spooky sounds and sights from the imaginary world of Halloween. Spend time this month to be wild and different because if we only live once then let’s make it our best life, yea? That said, earlier this year my homies and I formed an LLC and #squarespace has allowed us to take our team to the next level with simple tools to get our site seen by the right, likeminded humans. The crew behind @squarespace has a business model that separates them from other website designers. Not to mention, the female power rocking it over there. Take the time to build something brilliant. ⬇️
@squarespace #sponsored use my code below for 10% off creating your website✨
Code: JCcoccoli
✨shades by the dope kids @happyhourshades ✨🦄
Everything is the matrix. ok bye. No wait. Misogyny Bores Me. ok bye for real this time
Last week’s show was nothing short of an epic miracle. Thank you to the people supporting, not merely because you know I enjoy you coming, but because you genuinely enjoy yourselves. This has become an epic hang spot for artists, comics and creators and I am so honored to coordinate it each week with the helpful talents of @inheroeswetrust_venice @anjonawhy and our OG #1 fan @lemeeshofficial. Thank you from my heart ✨❤️✨
Posted: Oct 8, 2017 7:47 PM
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Working on a new 8 minutes in Venice @keetsa_mattress for the new show @monthlyunwind. All about that hustle 🤛🏽
I have no idea what I’m doing on this planet. I try and I fail. Or I try and it sorta, kinda succeeds.
I think 🤔 I’ll just keep trying. #fringecomedycollective NECKALCE by @dadybones
Posted: Sep 30, 2017 1:09 AM
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✨I'll take what I can get. Link in Bio #JCapproved
Posted: Sep 28, 2017 5:24 PM
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Genius advertisement by Ford motors celebrating the lift of the driving ban for Saudi women. Come next June they will finally be free to drive to and from like the rest of the world. This is a huge day for #equalitynow #coyotebeach
✨Try and stop US✨ these strong, intelligent women (puppy included) don't know fear. Pardon us while we dominate comedy. .
EVERY WEDNESDAY in Venice beach 7:30 pm with complimentary rosé
#fashionweek #veniceFringe #fringecomedycollective #fringeonmondays #freethenipple
Thank you for having me ladies and The standard hotel weho. And here's to #endthebacklog where 10's of 1000's of rape kits are sitting at police stations untested. It's time to give a voice to those people that have been violated and move forward in kindness and love. BECAUSE THIS BITCH AINT STOPPIN TILL JUSTICE RULES THE STREETS 💥🦄🏆
🌯Tonight at THE STANDARD HOTEL HOLLYWOOD on sunset blvd the best of the dopest come together for an incredible cause. Performance starts at 8pm at the mmhmm lounge.
😡Hello buttons. LIVE SHOW ALERT 😡I'll be doing 2 spots tonight in Venice. 1st: 7:30pm I host at 300 Westminster, Venice CA with some yummy rosé and 2nd: 9:30pm at townhouse #veniceundergroundcomedy
❤️live performance is so punk rock. And I live for it for reals. @fringeonmondays has spilled its comedic artistry onto Wednesday's at 7:30pm in Venice Beach. Last week's #venicefringe at @inheroeswetrust_venice was one of the many epic nights for humans to kick back, have a rosé and laugh. #fringecomedycollective is becoming a powerhouse in unique live stand up shows throughout LA. Thank you to the producing skills of #mosaicsfinest @anjonawhy & @lisabestcomic .
AND now we welcome the magical crystal himself, Ryan Singer 👨🏽‍🎤 TO JOIN AS HOST ON MONDAYS AT 10:30p in Los Feliz.
✨❤️ 🦄🌈 @lemeeshofficial .
You can judge the health of the nation by the way that they treat the sick and elderly, and America is doing a pretty horrible job thanks to our dear president, former entertainer, #RonaldReagan, one of the inventors of homelessness in America. The homeless population in America is treated similarly to those in the "Untouchables" caste system in India. Stop treating street people like dirt, it starts with you! We need to change the way we think and change the way we view "others" in order that we bring equanimity to all. If you turn a blind eye, you are a part of the problem. If you think one person can't make a difference you are sadly mistaken. People have the power!! #StreetPeopleLove ladies tanks at In Heroes We Trust 💗💗💗 @inheroeswetrust_venice shoutout to my homies @silkysbk for the prints 🔮#homelesslivesmatter #venice #ReverseReaganomics