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c_xavier 278w ago
73 miles later, Lake Tahoe loop with @staciedawnizzle and @dirtyharry1212 was a success!

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Second to old Toyota pickups & 4Runners, the Volvo 240 wagons are a favorite!
🚙 & 📸 @dielan #highmileageclub #volvo240 #35mm
Finally got that drop-in at HB, yeeew! My world of skateboarding just got a whole lot bigger! #30goingon13
Holy crap, hard to believe Dyl and I head to Japan in less than a month! 😳 Please forward any recommendations our way! 🇯🇵🍜🍺 #35mm #macba #keithharing
Developed lots of film from summer! 😬My AE-1 has some weird light leaks tho 😑#35mm #elementskatecamp
Seeing you alive and well makes us all so happy. You're walking proof that PMA is a real thing! We love you Andy! 😊 #PMA #35mm #Arthur
Dyl is heading back to Spain, so I'm just gonna look at photos from last year's trip and pretend I'm there too. #35mm #besos
Vans US Open is done and dusted! How'd I get so lucky to work with and learn from the best in the industry? Thank you Vans! 🙌🏽🏁🌺 #vansusopen 📷@mitchelljtomlinson
Good friends, lots of animals, farm land, and endless amounts of wine 🙌🏽🍷#hilltopranch heaven!
Always a blast up at @elementskatecamp! Except for when Dylan lost 'what are the odds' to Chris and had to drink Tabasco. Really made his mouth burn! Then I thought... that kinda reminds me of my favorite band ... @dielan @starheadbody @chris_blake @davermontmull @lehill @ungerlives 🤔🔥#riddlemethis #elementskatecamp
Guys! My first level 4 drop-in! I'm so stoked! Thanks for the inspo @ginggerbreaad!! #twinkletoes 😂
Haters gonna hate, but I'm always down to boogie! 🎥- @tshredx
All-time aloha weekend visiting mom and dad @boxavier1 @tshredx with @dielan 🌊🌺🍧🤙🏽 missing the island already #shoots
Happy Birthday to this genuine and creative soul! We love you Tom! @tom_dull #theworble
"Stay on Paved Path", featuring a maxed-out birthday weekend in Mammoth with @the_worble crew and friends! Thanks for the great times you wild animals! 🏕🐦🍻
@dielan @tom_dull @davermontmull @stevemull_ @shanaleaforever @mer_ambruso @goosethighs @lehill @thatsnotaknife @steezdoctor @tanya_merrill @mariah_tahoe #staywild #whataretheodds