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This photo came up on Facebook exactly 2 years ago today !!! Perfect for your birthday 🎂!! I know this year your bday is tougher then others but we still gotta celebrate 🎉!!! Besties first then sister in laws !!! Happy bday little sis !!! @alishajdudas
When at @partycity do it right !!! Jades 3rd Halloween coming up !!!
Hanging with davids girl ♥️♥️♥️!!!
Have an easy fast for all my fellow yids on ig !!! #fasteasy #newyear #redemtion #yomkippur
National daughters day !! I could watch you all day !!! Love mommy 😘
20 years later and still can't believe we are grown up !!! Well not really !!! Let's make the next get together on a better occasion!! #theoriginals #collegelife #nyckids #clublife #soundfactory
#snapchat with my bestie 14 year old !!!! Going on 25 !!! Love you chloe !!
Happy new year from our family to yours !! L'ahana tovah!!!
Blast from the past !!! @cindy_b_designs coming to visit me after many years!! Glad we both haven't changed a bit 😝😝😝😝😝
9/14 and 9/15 from 11-5:30 our awesome queen of patches will be here @thefavorstudio5 with some of the best stuff we haven't posted yet of the season !!! #fomo #chanel #bettyboop #fragrancebottle #lv #gucci and so much more !!!
When the best you ever looked is a #snapchatfilter !!!! Love technology!!