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dahna 5w ago
Me: what are you thinking about?
Tariq: The shark that I'm going to eat..
dahna 6w ago
Things that excite me all in one picture- travel, design, research, doing something that scares me (public speaking).
dahna 7w ago
At one point it felt like second nature, but now I barely take photos anymore.. #adayintslife #adayinzslife
dahna 11w ago
Photo booth afternoon! Guess which one's zeyad's favorite? #adayinZslife
dahna 14w ago
happy birthday to the funniest (and most intense) 2 year old out there! Mama adores you 💕 #birthdayboy
dahna 18w ago
The highlight of my day!
أحلى اثنين بالدنيا 💕
dahna 22w ago
The only thing I could think of when I took this picture is "things fall apart".
#sorryAchebe #highschoolreadinglist
dahna 23w ago
1. 80% of the time I edit + post photos while I'm waiting in line for whatever. 2. Looking for kids summer camps is like looking for heels for a wedding you didn't even want to go to... 3. Is it too soon to admit that your child is just not going to be the greatest football player around?
dahna 26w ago
Who else loves bay windows? 🙋🏻‍♀️
#adayinZslife #dollhouse #minusthedolls
dahna 28w ago
I get a major case of FOMO anytime I'm sent a picture of these two 💔
dahna 30w ago
Getting the right shot/ angle has started to need much more effort and flexibility. #adventuresofTandZ
dahna 32w ago
Back when it felt like there were 4 of Zeyads to look after #adayinZslife
dahna 37w ago
A moment in history (May, 1970): Guests gather in a hall at the Kuwait National Museum prior to the exhibition of Jordanian artist, Hala George Khoury. "صورة الغلاف: جرى مساء يوم الاحد الاسبق تحت رعاية سعادة وزير التجارة والصناعة الشيخ عبدالله الجابر الصباح افتتاح معرض الرسوم الزيتية للفنانة الاردنية هالة جورج خوري في قاعة متحف الكويت الوطني."
#theKuwaitimagazine #Kuwait #art #society