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ntsc 2d ago
Entonces, si vas a venir a la playa es a portarte mal, porque para hablar de filosofía quédate en casa #whatiseeiswhatyouget #peru #bizzaro
ntsc 5d ago
Dying to read this life changing- inspiring story #whatiseeiswhatyouget #garbagepress #ivanka
ntsc 1w ago
So when you come to the point where you say: "I can't do ... " just remember this dude!
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360 [stick] flip by @vasu_sojitra
🎥: @mikesassdv for a new @benduffypresents film
(via @skatecrunchmag)
ntsc 1w ago
#whatiseeiswhatyouget #Repost @tristaneaton (@get_repost)
Gun sales are up! @nationalrifleassociation will soon help you plan your next mass shooting. They'll provide your artillery, ammo, press release, location and targets. Full package includes denial of terrorist affiliation and dismissal of gun restrictions by your local government officials. You'll be famous! They'll be rich! We'll all die happy and they can pry my sarcasm from my cold dead middle fingers. #nra #guncontrol #gunlobby
ntsc 2w ago
Happy Halloween, is this a subliminal message... #whatiseeiswhatyouget #lean #drugs #halloween
ntsc 3w ago
Dear life please don't ever put me in a situation where I "need" to dress like this... because I will have to defy you! #whatiseeiswhatyouget #nyc #preppy #nomoccasines #nosocks
ntsc 4w ago
Nazi lives don't matter!!!! The best sign ever!!!! #Repost @vice (@get_repost)
Antifa at the juggalo march in D.C., where fans of @therealicp gathered to protest the FBI's classification of them as a "loosely-organized hybrid gang." Read more about the march from @noisey in link in bio.
ntsc 5w ago
Sad but true! #Repost @bildaddyy (@get_repost)
Bitches will never be satisfied
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ntsc 5w ago
Looking inside out #Repost @jr (@get_repost)
Work in progress on the Mexican side of the US/MEXICO border