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  Posted: Jun 16, 2012 6:35 PM FEED
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back to work #newofficeview not seen: breast pump, Boppy, My BreastFriend, and portable diaper changing station.
You can read a million books and watch a zillion YouTube videos but the best teachers are other moms. ❤️😘 @radiategood
Real smiles. ❤️😁 it’s true they do make all the sleepless nights worth it. #bodhibolton #ojai
Hard to believe this big boy has been keeping us on our toes (and wide awake) for almost 8 weeks already. #bodhibolton #ojai #thefirstweeks
Posted: Sep 16, 2017 10:08 PM
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This big boy is 7 weeks old and already grown 5 inches, doubled his weight and is wearing 6 month old clothing. So glad I bought a zillion size 0-3 onesies! #bodhibolton #7weeksold
Maiden voyage out of Ojai. Forgot the stroller, had to lug around a 20 pound car seat all day, ran out of diapers by noon, incorrectly judged the exact timing B was going to get hangry so I attempted to breastfeed on the street which was an epic fail. The only good thing about wearing this carrier all day is that it covers up the milk and pee stains. Now #thefirstweeks #bodhibolton
6 weeks ago. Grateful I have this image to remember this moment. Thank you @drunkloveheart for capturing. And @taryn.longo for your constant support. #bodhibolton #6weeks #homebirth
#thenewspaday Mama's back hurts but B is having a moment that requires me in the same room and constant bouncing. #babyhacks #bodhibolton
These boys will grow up together @mandeelee619 #bffs 👶👶👶 (not pictured little Winslow @alexagerrity) #bodhibolton #thefirstweeks #ojai
Despite breastfeeding issues, this not so little guy is already 9lbs 7oz and he giggles in his sleep 😴. #bodhibolton #thefirstweeks
#day18 No sleep. Breastfeeding issues. (Who knew you could have raynauds in your nipple?) and lots of tears. But we celebrate the little victories -- I successfully fed him in public. #thefirstweeks #bodhibolton