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Best thing in the world #coca-cola

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Pho an hoa lunch and pork chop supper @sydthekid811 she cute tho with that determination face 🍜🍽😬
Predictions say we got this my Tampa bae and I are safe #hurricocaineIrma #herradurracane #herradurracocaine 🌬🌫〽️🌀🌪💨💦🌊👁‍🗨
Seen Fresh got scared taco bus was calling but hit the jerk hut instead @yoitsyonis @blakmouf @jerkhut
This is all we have if anybody knows who this is please report it @curtlrknasty deserves justice this is a killer #jeor from BK (sorry #jeor from Toronto) and deserves to pay for what they have done Rest easy my friend the people will do the right thing if nobody else does @headtooheavygallery shame on u head should be heavy carrying all the guilt hope something unspeakable happens to the parties involved and I read about it in #thenewyorktimes #justiceforcurtis
Sunday between 1-5 come to @spottampa to honor our good friend @curtlrknasty may he Rest In Peace. he would want u to come if u were his friend love u curt hope your family and friends get justice one way or another and they know that too many people to name loved u and cared for u throughout your journey through this thing we all call life we know u were never scared to take on any challenge if u put your mind to it so strong my brother 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💔
Thanks to everyone that came out Curtis was def there in spirit I've never seen soo many 456 headcracks! In an hour of playing cee-lo 🎲🎲🎲 had "some Hennessy not redbull" and curt def showed us "some courtesy" love u man love u guys love my friends @curtlrknasty @reservoir_bar @thinheaddeagal @jaysunp @bodychrons @sambalam27 @depthjustin @t4prez86 @jiwajata @pj_castellano @its_cash_tho @mmannyfresh @midtimes @littlenick @sorry_bout @justlookitupok @_kimbailey @james_atomictattoos @thatboynix @bowser_media_lab #bts #lrk #shaqueefaboyz #rip 📸 @depthjustin
Fuck man @curtlrknasty say it isn't so Rest In Peace my G gonna miss the fuck outta you it was so good knowing you my friend and I cherish the times we had.. I can't stop crying dude this is fucked..
Sponsor me tape from 8 yrs ago when I was visiting my folks up in the pan handle straight reminiscing today