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She loves all the colors.... and I love all of her. #lifeofnoa
I’m so grateful for our @hillsongnyc Foundation Partners. It was incredible to spend time with them, have dinner together, build family and hear our lead pastor’s heart @carllentz as we head into this Heart for the House. It’s powerful to see what planned generosity can do! See you tomorrow church at PLAYSTATION ALL DAY: 9am,11am, 1pm , 4,6,8....
Happy Anniversary to my gorgeous bride.... LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH!! @katie_fay_
That’s my pastor @lauralentz... She loves our families tirelessly. Is a defender of all she watches over. She fiercely loyal and a model of what strength, grace and beauty looks like. Paul says to the Corinths (MSG): “every part dependent on every part, the parts we mention and the parts we don’t, the parts we see and the parts we don’t.” Laura, thank you for your endless support both publicly and privately... We are better for it. @hillsongnyc see you today! It’s going to be an amazing Sunday. #ilovethechurch #occupyallstreets #wehaventseenanythingyet #growingfamily
@hillsongnyc had our first ever RISE Business service this week in the heart of Midtown, Manhattan @ 7:30AM. Thank you to all those who give financially and with your time and energy. It's incredible to be able to bring church to people wherever they are. NYC > NJ > CT > BOSTON and beyond! #allbusiness #hillsongnycrise
Not only is this man a great friend and an incredible pastor, leader and teacher but he is ALSO AN ANGEL #proofthereisagod #angelsarereal #proofisinthepudding #lightoftheworld #♥️♣️♠️♦️ @hillsongnyc
My brother @joetermini is an amazing artist and visionary. @keliamoniz is incredible at everything. Including taking photos like this one...#cashonly
#Repost @bobbiehouston
Inhouse post: Tomorrow in our USA @hillsong churches we are focusing on how to help in the massive "ongoing aftermath" of the floods. Our Aid & Development team have given due diligence to how we can best comealongside the current nationwide response. Come prepared @hillsongnyc @hillsongla @hillsongphoenix .... #becausewecan 🌺🌸🌼🍇🕊🌾
My Queen. Happy Birthday. I can't wait to keep celebrating forever with you.
GRATEFUL 4 @joelosteen @realjohngray PEOPLE WHO LEAD AND OPEN THEIR DOORS IN EVERY WAY! A true example of Jesus. My pastor says it often - The tallest trees often catch the most wind. Thanks Ps. Joel for not reacting but responding! ALWAYS! #prayforhouston #prayforthegulfcoast
There are once in a generation type people. My pastor is one of those. Who writes in CAPS and LIVES IN CAPS! Who transcends typical barriers. Who makes a mark. Shapes the lives of his listeners. The sinners love him and for some reason the religious can't stand him. The distant always have a lot to say about him. And the close are furiously loyal to him. That's Carl Lentz. "He is not your typical Sunday preacher," and he is also not your typical leader, husband, father or friend. Because nothing he does is typical. It's full of passion and prophetic conviction for the MOMENT and it's CONTAGIOUS. It's hang on the edge of your seat type stuff. I can't wait to read this book. For the stories, for the laughs, for the polarizing truth, for the one liners I wish I could think of.... AND TRULY any chance I get to hear a little bit more of this man's heart. I want in.
I'm owning the moment right now by pre-ordering a copy or 10!! #shouldHaveDoneIt11HrsAgo #mycoach #myrabbi #pc #joblonGaveHimThatName #CAPS
Dear Noa,
I want you to know I am proud of you. Not because of what you do, but because of who you are. You are my daughter. Today, I want you to know I am proud that you are Jewish. That you are not exactly like me. Not only am I proud of you, I want you to embrace it. I want you to know that there will be some who will not understand where you have come from. That they will criticize how much or how little you are. BUT NONE OF THAT MATTERS. BECAUSE YOU WERE WONDERFULLY MADE BY GOD.
When you are old enough to read this letter, you will hear about violence in our nation against certain people because of the color of their skin and their heritage. I want you to know that we are all born of God. That our diversity and difference is what makes us beautiful. That it does not separate us. Earth is our garden, where we have all been planted and we must learn to appreciate all the colors and diversity of what we’ve been given.
Today, it is important that you know, the only way to fight the weeds of hatred IS WITH LOVE. That perfect love comes from God and it expels all fear. Noa, you will comfort, protect and pioneer new ground as a strong woman. Your Mom and Dad in the middle chaos want you to know we are confident in the God that made you. And our family, will always fight for people. Love people. Stand up for people.

Love you forever
When you realize you look awesome in glasses...
I'm looking forward to Church today. It's a place where we are ALL welcome. We ALL get encouraged, we can receive prayer and ALL remember how good God has been through every season of life. I HOPE 2 SEE YOU @hillsongnyc. Sunday is not the end of our week. It's the beginning...