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Went and caught a movie while at Sorya mall for 3 dolla

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They say eyes are the window to the soul; what an amazing piece of painting

Rosa, 2004
Watercolour, pigment and damar varnish 
signed, titled and dated verso: CHERRY HOOD / 'Rosa' 2004 
230 x180 cm
Oh my, looks like you'll need to be here for brekky before the doors even open !!!
Thank you for a fun night Sydneyland, didn't really have time to check everything out though
That awesome moment when the project you backed on Kickstarter delivers 🎧 😍
Having salad for lunch while salivating over pictures of yesterday's lunch
This is such a brilliant idea - food for thought collects food for under privileged students to curb food insecurities.
Having a proper balanced meal will definitely reduce the stress levels of being a student struggling for their next meal.
This was a pleasant surprise, glad to see there's some work being done to promote cycling in PJ. Not the best place to cycle but at least it keeps cyclists away from the cars
PJ Art Lane - beautifying the back alleys of Petaling Jaya with colourful vibrant murals.
Satisfying curry Laksa cravings, not too bad but have had better. Pretty disappointed with the serving though, paltry to say the least especially for the price paid
First there was cronuts, now there's croffles.Croffles - croissant and waffle. Too bad I only stumbled upon it just after having lunch.
Tuk tuk cha serving some pretty authentic Thai iced tea. Brings back memories of being in Thailand