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  Posted: Jun 16, 2012 6:40 AM FEED
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In this world full of loose gravel, you're my solid rock. Thank you for everything you do. #nationalboyfriendday
As I prepare for my flight out of Sweden I am so overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. In such a short time I have learned so much about music and myself. This tour has truly brought me back to life. I hold a special place in my heart for all of these guys, as I couldn't have done this without them. Thanks for the memories!
Today we ventured out of Stockholm to the lovely town of Trosa to perform a stripped down set.
We spent the entire day exploring Stockholm. Such great friends, and great memories.
Spending some much needed cousin bonding time this weekend with this beautiful girl!
Posted: Aug 13, 2017 4:47 PM
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This life has allowed me some of the greatest joys I have ever known. Six years ago, I was so incredibly fortunate to win the affection of this handsome young man. He has opened my eyes and my heart to all of the sweetest things this world has to offer. We spent the past weekend reminiscing all of the great memories we've created, appreciating where we currently are, and anticipating all that is still to come. The best part, was last night, when Zachary asked me to be his wife. To which there was no hesitation on my part to say YES! Deep down I have always known that you would always be my best friend and life partner. Happy Anniversary, Zachary Robert, my future husband.