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lizkoh_ 278w ago
Nettlehorst elementary students tied pieces of fabric to the fence as a tangible way of showing how they're going to create a better world
  • kwongg 278w ago

    Not seeing the symbolism....but cool! Haha

  • lizkoh_ 278w ago

    Haha I didn't capture the essence of the photo correctly

  • lizkoh_ 278w ago

    In my caption! It's supporting the LGBT community - the school is in boystown!

  • Ah, I understand the symbolism now ;) beautiful

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Lord, I am grateful. For this beautiful day. For 72 degree weather. For this breeze. (Also, I’m grateful for days that are super hot and super cold too...but just letting Ya know I am more grateful for days like these.)
It was a beautiful sight to see so many people in our community show up to support Donna Britt and her courageous fight against ALS. Many have said this already but Donna is a fighter who exudes hope and light throughout her journey. Thank you to Chef John Folse and his team for setting up a wonderful celebration in her honor, and to everyone who came out today. Donna, you are truly loved! For those who missed it, you can make a donation to the ALS Association Louisiana/Mississippi Chapter through this link:
Thankfully, Harvey did not cause trouble in our neck of the woods but our hearts are hurting for our Texas neighbors who are going through this nightmare. In a break from storm's a light moment from this morning. Post Tropical Storm Harvey winds were clearly in action during our liveshot today. There was no point in even trying to keep my hair tamed but it was worth a shot! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Previewing @southernu_br SWAC MEAC challenge this weekend. Here's to SU football's season opener! 🏈
In case you need a bathroom companion...he's got your back. 😆
Beau is always watching. He has also found the most effective use for an armrest.
lizkoh_ 18w ago
My heart is melting! It's time to go to the groomer but Beau just wants to cuddle his bunny.
lizkoh_ 22w ago
No filters here folks! This is just 19 of 28 fire ant bites I got while going live on the side of the interstate (back in Lake Charles). I think it's hilarious when people tell me how glamorous my job must be. Lol I can assure you being a journalist is not glamorous in the least bit. It's not glamorous to sweat through your clothes while waiting to go live or to speak with the mother who just lost her daughter to a shooting. There are nearly 100 other reasons why this job is not glamorous. But it is worth it. When you do a story justice and get it right, all of the headache and trouble ends up being worth it. At least that's what I tell myself. #bemindfulofwhatyousaytojournalists
lizkoh_ 22w ago
Happy Mothers Day to a mother who never stops working, loving or serving. My mom is a talented seamstress by trade. Here she is altering my work clothes before I left for Baton Rouge. Thank you for your everlasting love as a mother and your selfless sacrifice to provide for Appa and me. We are beyond lucky and blessed to have you in our lives. I love you very much Umma! And Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful mamas (and papas who fill the roll as mamas) ❤️
lizkoh_ 23w ago
I hope Beau still naps on my lap like this when he grows up 🐶💤
lizkoh_ 24w ago
Baby Beau tries his first puppucino! 🐶 haha I think he likes it 😂
lizkoh_ 27w ago
Beau makes his official debut on WAFB! 🐶❤️ #adoptdontshop
lizkoh_ 31w ago
I absolutely LOVED this Calligraphy Class! Thank you to our wonderful teacher, TahJah, for teaching us and making it so fun. Can't wait for the next one!
lizkoh_ 34w ago
Harlem Globetrotters Forward Slick Willie Shaw taught me an awesome trick this morning! I've always wanted to learn this one. Woohoo! He's a cool guy with "slick" tricks. Come meet him and see him with the team at the Raising Cane's River Center on March 5! More HERE:
lizkoh_ 34w ago
Things that make me happy (Moment of truth: I moved the cup of water and bottle of lotion out of the photo)
lizkoh_ 37w ago
King cake cheesecake made by our producer's mom. 🙌🏼 The best cheesecake AND best king cake I've ever had. (This comes second to her pumpkin cheesecake 🎃😍) #mardigras
lizkoh_ 42w ago
All the gifts fit under the tree! Whew! It was a close one. In all seriousness, being away from loved ones during the holidays isn't great but I'm grateful to even have family and friends to love. It's a blessing to be able to call someone, laugh together via FaceTime and know that I am loved. Cheers to the meaning behind Christmas- knowing Christ was born on this beautiful earth. Merry Christmas Eve!