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Pulled over to watch the sunrise on Saturday morning on our way to Horseshoe Bend
One year in the books as husband and wife and I’m still not even sure how I ever got so lucky. I love you to the moon and back my sweet man, one year down and a lifetime to go 💓
September may have been a rough month for us, but so far October is sure off to a perfect start! Next stop: the mountains to celebrate marriage with this hunky husband of mine 💓
Had such a good time up north with our family 💓 (even though it was 32 degrees last night)
Last week at our first prenatal appointment we were told our little bean that I had spent a little over 7 weeks growing (or so I thought) didn't have a heartbeat. After several days and a lot of blood work later they were finally able to confirm that I was experiencing a 'missed miscarriage.' The baby had stopped developing and it was never really going to be a viable pregnancy to begin with. After waiting and hoping for 10 days that my body would naturally miscarry my doctor finally decided it would be best to perform a D&C to avoid any infection or complications. I'm home now, resting with Cody and the pups after a very smooth procedure. I've spent all week looking forward to today, for the day that this would finally and officially be over and now that it finally is, I can't help but feel so empty yet relieved?? We're finally able to not just physically but mentally process and cope with the unfortunate cards that life has dealt us. We're strong though, and we will move past this and I know one day, hopefully soon, we'll get our sweet little rainbow baby, as there's no doubt we're meant to be parents. I've decided to publicly share my story in hope that one day someone will remember this and know they're not alone. The last 10 days of my life have been so lonely and scary and when things like this happen to you, you truly think you're the only person in the whole world who's ever had to go through this and how could that possibly be fair? I found the most comfort in talking to people who could (sadly and unfortunately) relate to me and my situation. Thank you to those people and of course my awesome husband and best friends for being my rocks lately. I could not have gotten through all of this without their unconditional support. ❤️
Been forgetting about that whole 'love yourself' thing lately so today I freshened up the locks (thanks again @hairbydc_), got waxed, and even put makeup on for our much needed date night 💞
Auntie & milk drunk Addison hangs 💘
Haven't been feeling my best these last few days so Cody went on a grilled cheese and Tylenol supply run and returned with these pretties 💓
From here on out, September 1st will forever be one of my favorite days. Welcome to the world my sweet girl! I love you so much 💓
Don't mind me, just counting down the days until our next vacation 😍
Always having the most fun with Mr. Serious 💕
Din with the hubs! // we're wanting to try new vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants. What's your favorite?