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bs809 1d ago
This past month has been a crazy nightmare for a big part of our beautiful Caribbean Islands due to hurricane Irma and Maria. Its safe to say that we will come back better and stronge than before, and understand the grueling challenges we face to restructure and rebuild. @wavesforwater and its amazing crew of #goodpeople has put together a very basic yet critical solution and access to clean drinking water to the most affected areas.
Get involved ((link in bio)) Check out @vozvisual For direct support in the 🇩🇴DR
#havefunandhelpalongtheway #wavesforwater #w4wrd #vozvisualRD
bs809 1w ago
For why I love surfing so much. #throwback to a fun day in Panama #welcometowater #truetothis
bs809 1w ago
Mowgly, you were a good doggy and will be missed by many cool people. I love dogs and I know this little guy lived a happy surfer life 🙏 😇 @tyronebrendel @freeuppalestine
bs809 1w ago
🎂 ♥ happy birthday my love 😘 @sensi_tiva