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Picture credit: @nicolevjn
  • This was a collaboration between @nicolevjn and I (her photo, my edit). She took the picture with the native camera app.
    I cropped it in camera+ and applied the clarity filter to highlight the details in the building. Finally, I adjusted the color curves in #filterstorm to make it appear cross processed.

  • Check out her feed: @nicolevjn She has a unique way of looking at negative spaces in pictures and is becoming quite good at street photograph.

  • monina_s 278w ago

    @nicolevjn Well done you guys!   Well said! 

  • @monina_s Thank you!

  • nicolevjn 278w ago

    Joe, I love it!! Thanks so much for getting involved in the edit challenge- this edit works so well with the architecture of Parliament! Grungy and gothic- it rocks! πŸ˜„

  • nicolevjn 278w ago

    Haha and thanks for the kind comments, I'm glad you think my street photos are improving!!

  • nicolevjn 278w ago

    @monina_s thank you!!

  • @nicolevjn I'm happy you liked the way it turned out. The building looks like it would be awesome to photograph up close. I'd love to visit London someday and photograph it for real, but this was the next best thing!

  • nicolevjn 278w ago

    The detail in the structure of the Houses of Parliament really is brilliant, you'd have a great time photographing in that area! And if you ever come to London be sure to let me know, I'll be your photo tour guide 😊

  • @nicolevjn Oh thanks that would definitely be fun!

  • Wow that building is incredible

  • @jess_jordan_kirtland Yeah it is! It's the Houses of Parliament in London. A friend took the picture and I did the edit. Check out her stuff: @nicolevjn My pictures are limited to my university campus.

  • nicolevjn 278w ago

    Yay friend our teamwork is still proving popular! I'm definitely gonna edit one of yours soon, promise!

  • rabbitdan 278w ago

    Fab edit.

  • @rabbitdan Thanks, I've never seen the building in person so I'm glad you think so

  • rabbitdan 278w ago

    It works because it is quite processed but still isn't all about the edit drawing attention to itself. The edit draws attention to the detail of the building. Which is what editing should be for. Good work, I reckon.

  • @rabbitdan Thanks again, it was my intent to call out the building detail.

  • heyheysuz 276w ago

    Whoa that's awesome!

  • @heyheysuz Thank you!

  • Excellent!

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