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Flying through the leaves of fall straight into winter ❄️ I'm getting hyped but not ready to hang the bike up!! 📷 @_tesla_
Hyped to have this play ground in my backyard!! @_tesla_ 📷
Finally getting some laps in the valley dirt is 🔥and the trail bike is felling good on the dirt jumps!! 📷 @zajec5000
Well it snowed!! Don't look like much biking is happing today!! Ahh well
A place where rocks turn too dirt where trees start to breath, where long lasting snow melt, seeps into unground reservoirs that feed into lakes, that turn into rivers, that turn into streams and eventually cure my dreams of pure nature! #pushlimits @big__rock with no ropes getting after it in hands down one of the sketchiest chutes/summit but that's what's it all about! #weenjoynature
Hope to be a landscape photographer one day! But for now the iPhone 6 is still killing it! #middleofsomewhere #highuintaswilderness
The risk of not knowing from your map if you will be cliffed out on the other side of the ridge trying to reach our destination....or the felling of slipping with no ropes going up a shoot that is 45 degrees and losser then Your grandmas snatch is definitely deathly.....but Utah holds some hidden gems this one was for sure a well earned b-day gift! #highuintaswilderness #deadhorselake
“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity; and that mountain parks and reservations are useful not only as fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, but as fountains of life.”-John Muir #getoutside #highuintaswilderness
We went looking for sliver and found some pure gold!! #allsoplake #highuintaswilderness knocked out about 32 miles allsop--->deadhorse and back!! @big__rock
Happy to call this my backyard! Home to some of the best ski runs and mountain bike trails in Utah!! #getoutside #jupitorpeak @pcski #parkcity
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere lies my favorite trail of all time!! Sunrise laps are unbeatable specially with a rad crew of like minded people 🙏🤘👊 thanks @wakeclimber for the 📷
My daily routine! Closing the Dh trail is always a good time, happy to have a job I love makes life enjoyable every day!!
Nature is so appealing I don't know why but I freaking love it!
Missing some white pow!! But the brown pow is ridding real nice thanks for the rain Mother Nature 👌👌👌
Utah is a majestic place! It takes a wrong turn too find the hidden eggs 🌵🍄🐿