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Cigarette smoking self-shaming post! but also admire the turbie-towel / cap hat balance.
pressing flowers grown by bb with added muscle of jasmine plant.
gorgeous dawn light show this AM at burrard & helmcken, through the cafe patio fence, 6:45 am
today I learned my uterus is 7 cm "tall", wanna fight?
aaaand chicken mole tacos for breakfast. yes.
when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's a mole (pre straining)
sneak peek behind the scenes the making of mole 🌶🍫
wish I had more photos from Friday but these saved insta stories will do ❤️
thank you so much everyone! best birthday yet!
me et ma @ umaluma post 42 oysters in the name of my 24th year. she's losing her shit over Sicilian pistachi!

backyard barefoot grass under foot KARAOKE hitting the yard Friday aft eve nite nite. would love to see my babies there.