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Thought to share a new piece I was pretty chuffed on! Neon Romance is its title. Super fun frame to do!! @chromadojo for more!
Hey sexies!! Still on this crazy journey of doing a daily render! The support over at my second page has been absolutely crazy, with this easily being one of the best personal projects I have ever tackled! If it interests you at all, you can find more @chromadojo (my second page) So so much lovin 💛⚡️💛
Honey finally did it!!!!!! Starting out this year we wanted to do all her 120 hours by June...3 days late but 3 days ain't a thang! So so so happy and proud of ya sexy monkey! @gracelmes 🐒💛
Would be the old mans 62nd birthday today, and scrolling through my camera roll I found this. Absolutely no idea how to caption it, other than 'Derro's Disco'?

Miss ya dad, loving you millions 🤘🏻
I mean, it doesn't really get any better! Grandma's rule 💛👵🏼
My supermodel girlfriend of 2 years. Thanks for the laughs and quirkiness by the tonne! All the love bb @gracelmes
2016, you've been a messed up sour cake. The icing was magnificent but the centre was far from gooey and sweet. Here's to 2017 being a little more tasty and far more satisfying!!
...and she is the best. Thankyou for helping me through such a gigantic year food buddy!
Just finished the animation on this logo resolve for @themessengersglobal
My younger brother @calebwestwood and his lovely girl @bethanymarieross started this ambitious project to tell the stories of amazing humanitarian organisations across the world

So proud of the two. Their heart inside is all for the love of people 💛
This morning was a sight for tired eyes 🙈
Set a new milestone with this bundle of magic. 18 months isn't a usual celebration but we do it cause we all about dat bass, and love n stuff.
Looking like a serious homie 🐼 Sly dawg pic from a lovely @alixpashley for @oxbloodlabel
You may have fallen asleep forever, but at least you know we havn't piled the leaning tower of miscellaneous on you this time. A shoutout to ma Pappa who is missed so dearly. Love you father bear x
Caleb. We share facial hair battles together. It's nice, and underwhelming.
I'll love you in black and white as the colour you bring me outshines it. #pdamaxedout #eyeroll
"Now Bae hath her first tattoo; I look to the heavens with thanksgiving and relief." Psalm 151:7