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Yes, that is mo' fuckin' Space Jam on Blu Ray.

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I was finally able to pick this up from Randy today (off of his doorstep, no less) and can't stop laughing at how all around ridiculous and wonderful this surprise personalized test press cover came out. Big ups and all the love in the world to dem boys, it really does mean the world to me. Listen to Dikembe.
#dikembe #ledge #vinyligclub
Echo Base homies are currently tearing it up outside Grasslands, come thru
We outchea. Come watch Echo Base tonight at Market Street Pub. 9:50pm. #fest14 #fesy #echobase
Knapsack is easily one of my favorite bands of all time no contest if we're being honest. #knapsack #wreckingballatl
Watching The Appleseed Cast play Mare Vitalis front to back. Damn.
Hey-o! Pre-Orders for the Casper Elgin 7" I'm putting out are live! Grab the green w/splatter from the Paperweight storenvy, the clear w/splatter from Bad Break Records or the purple from the band at shows. #casperelgin #paperweightrecords